Trend: Tights & how to wear them

We have seen a big come back of patterned tights trend last year. The hosiery was worn by almost everyone during the fashion week 2019 as well as 2020. They turn the whole outfit into chic and elegant look and what’s more important, tights keep us warm! So what are we going to wear this year? Check our list to get some inspiration to stay trendy!

1. Pattern Tights

With the love to tights many brands released new designs of patterns and we can’t stop thinking about them. They look classy and match every single outfit. You can find lace-inspired hosiery, as well as diamond shapes and many more.

2. Sheer Tights

You can find sheer tights everywhere. They are affordable and easy to wear and that’s why everyone love this trend. This time, we pair sheer tights with heavy boots and leather trench coats. For more edgy look, wear black tights with white boots!

3. Logo Tights

For more streetwear look, these logo tights will do their job. As seen on Balenciaga and Fendi runway, they bring the modern hype-beast touch to your outfit. Keep your outfit plain and play with the logo tights to bring the attention to your legs!

4. White Tights

Finally we started forgiving white tights by pairing them with nice boots and fancy coats. Not for everyone, but definitely they will elevate any neutral colour look. With this piece, you will look like Emily in Paris.

5. Pearls and polka dots

Pearls and polka dots are still in, especially during autumn! They are great for the evening out with your friends or a date. This style look also great worn under the ripped pair of jeans.