Trend: Sweater Vests & how to wear them

It is quite unclear when exactly we started to forgive sweater vests after decades of hating them. But why did we do unlike them so much whilst still love Chandler Bing rocking them in almost every single episode of Friends? Nonetheless they bring quite grandma bulky look, thanks to all the social media spread and runway shows we gathered some information how to wear sweater vests and build a super trendy outfit!

1. Casual day

Sweater vests are comfortable and keep us warm during the cold season. And that makes them the ultimate causal autumn piece in our wardrobe! Repeat: comfortable! Style it with some easy to wear jeans, boots or sneakers and a coat over it. You will look classy and up to trends!

2. Office look

If Chandler Bing could wear them to work, you also can! But why not to experiment and give your outifit a bit of shape. Throwing the vest over a shirt and pair of trousers with a touch of belt to bring eyes to your waist. That trick will also work with an office dress too. Style it with some pumps and you ready to go!

3. Go streetwear

There are many ways to achieve the streetwear look, but what you will need for sure is a super oversized vest in bright pattern and big bulky sneakers or vibrant colour boots. Now, once you have them, you can put on some loose leather pants or palazzo. With a bucket hat and an eye-catching bag everyone will turn heads on you.

4. School

Now that will be inspired by the Japanese High School outfits we have seen all over dramas and anime, but trust us, you will rock this too! Bold slightly oversized blazer matched with tennis skirt and optionally, again, a blazer will give it a total uniform look! With pair of long socks and lacy shoes you will look hella cute!

5. Sissy girl

Despite the fact that sweater vests are quite bulky and give a bit of mannish touch, you can simply build your girly look by just wearing them over a shirt dress. It can be a similar tone piece or a contrast coloured shirt, as long as the dress is a bit longer and smoothly coming out of the vest. Pair it with a nice boots to look super trendy!

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