Top 5 bags you need to have this winter

They said bags are the best fashion investment and we totally agree with this statement. To stay updated with the latest trends it is a great time to upgrade our wardrobes with the new pieces. Keeping that in mind, we are presenting you top 5 bag trends that are in this fall/winter season 2020-21.

Fuzzy bag

Nothing can beat a warm snuggle knit sweater during cold freezing days. But what do you say about those adorable fuzzy bags that looks just like pillows. And they are soft as pillows! Definitely a must-have if you want to bring coziness to your outfit. 

Micro bag

To all minimalist lovers: micro bags are back and we are obsessed with them! They look great on top of every outfit and this time they are having different forms: Airpod or phone case bag as well as bags for your lipstick. Definitely a must for every fashion enthusiast.

Chained clutch

This season clutchers are a bit of a mix of purses and pouches at the same time. With the undefined shape, their significant touch is a big bulky chain handle. This is a definitely a date night piece!

Oversized tote bag

Do you remember last year oversized bags? This time they return even bigger and many brands call them with the ‚maxi’ prefix. Great for shopping and going for weekend trips will elevate your ‚after hours’ look.

Geometric bag

This season fashion designers are giving bags any shape and details. You can find almost every geometric figure you can imagine, and we are sure that those bags will be hot for a long time!