10 Reasons Why Guys love nerdy Girls

1. When he’s passionate about something embarrassing, you understand him. You don’t ask why Star Trek is completely shit, what kind of game is that, and why he has to yell at the TV when he plays multiplayer games.

2. You’ll never get him ashamed of being an nerd. He will never have to be ashamed of the fact that he knows the history of Batman (and any other superheros).

3. You’ll buy wonderful gifts for him. He will get something cool, like video games, movies or vintage comic books.

4. You understand if he wants to use his last vacation day to spend on his Star Wars marathon instead of your anniversary.
His idea: any woman who accepts this is a keeper.

5. You’re always ‘Player two. And yes, play computer games counts as a romantic date.

6. You watch shows on Netflix together.

7. You’re always reading. And reading is sexy.

8. You let him have his man cave.

9. Eyeglasses are always sweet. Not that every nerd has glasses, but those who have … It’s never wrong.

10. You can play Mario Kart 11. While you are having sex together.

6 signs he thinks you’re the one

After a few months of dating with that perfect guy you start to wonder, could this be forever? Here are the 6 signs he thinks you’re the one too!

1. Friends
If his friends have serious relationships, you can assume that he wants the same as them.

2. He will welcome you to his friends
That doesn’t mean you have to be one of the boys. He just wants you to get to know his friends.

3. He takes you to his family
To introduce you to his family is a big step. After a while you’ll even be at his grandmother’s anniversary, he sees you as part of the family.

4. He talked about living together
A great deal needs to be done before a man wants to live with a woman. It means he wants you around him every day and wake up together every morning.

5. He asked you for advice about his work
If he asks you for advice about career moves or things he’s worried about, it means that your opinion is important to him. It means that he trusts you and sees you as an equal.

6. He has joked about ‘if we have children later’
Believe it or not, but one day you will have children. And even though he was joking, in every joke is a little bit of truth.

6 Tips to take the perfect selfie

Taking selfies is a fun way to show the world your personality. Even if someone offers to take the photo for you, you’ll refuse. Because you’re never satisfied with photos that other people take. The good thing about a selfie is that you control everything like the lightning, angle, and background etc. But sometimes taking a decent selfie is hard since you’re the person in front and “behind” the camera. Here are six tips to keep in mind while taking the perfect selfie!

1. Angle
Make sure you extend your arm as far as you can. Find the easiest way to hold your phone and click the button. Try to take the selfies on your slightly higher than your eye level and never from below, Because it will make you look weird!

2. Lightning
Good lightning makes you flattering. Try to have the light hitting your face, but avoid direct sunlight. Just be creative with the lights, in no time you will make selfies like a pro.

3. Retouching
Almost all pro’s retouch their photo’s, but keep in mind to keep it natural. Just edit the brightness, white balance and contrast of your selfie. We recommend to use the app AfterLight to retouch your photos.

4. Composition
Try to be creative with compositions, play with the background or objections. But keep in mind that the angle has to be slightly higher than your eye level. Otherwise your face will look funny.

5. Burst mode
Try to take more than one shot to get your favourite. Just do your own mini photoshoot. Everybody is doing it, so don’t worry about it!

6. Confident
A good way to become confident is to start taking silly selfies. Pull your ugliest face ever or just simply do a duck face. It will make you loosen up and be ready for the sexy ones. Just have some fun! But remember to delete the ugliest ones from your phone after your mini photoshoot. Haha!

13 signs he is not boyfriend material

The truth: sometimes it’s just not meant to be. But of course there are exceptions. Even though he is not perfect and awkward at times, sometimes you’re just so in love that you still want a relationship with him.

8 Struggles Every Girl with thick hair recognises

Thick, voluminous and shiny hair, every girl would like to have that. But sometimes it can be very annoying to have thick hair. Here are the ten struggles every girl with thick hair recognises.

1. You can’t dry your hair without a hair dryer
Otherwise it will still be wet in the evening.

2. And speaking about a hair dryer
If you want to do it well, you have to spend a lot of time.

3. All your hair elastics break all the time

4. The hairdresser always reminds you of your hair’s thickness
“Wow, you have thick hair!”

5. Your conditioner bottle is empty in two weeks
After a week the bottle is almost empty.

6. Straighten your hair takes forever
It feels like a workout to straighten your hair. Takes forever…

7. A high ponytail hurts
It’s so heavy that you get a headache after a few hours.

8. You’re shedding hair like madness
There is hair on your clothes, the couch, in the shower drain…

15 Tips to get your beauty sleep

Everyone needs their beauty sleep but sometimes it can be a little difficult actually falling asleep and staying that way. Some of us struggle with falling asleep and we just lay there thinking about a zillion things as the hours pass by. Sleep is one of the most important aspects of our lives, it makes us more energetic, rested and ready for the day. With a good night rest you can feel fabulous and look it too. Here are some tips to get some shut eye:

1. Don’t have any coffee, caffeinated tea or sugar hours before you plan on heading to bed.
2. Turn off your phone, computer or any other electronic devices an hour or two before bed.
3. Dim the lights in your room to get your body and mind into a more relaxed state.
4. Take a hot bath with lavender oils, which help you relax and feel sleepy.
5. Drink a cup of chamomile tea before bed time.
6. Turn up some white noise, a device that gives off a relaxing sounds to help you stay asleep
7. Read a book or a magazine in bed instead of checking Instagram or Facebook.
8. Wear a night eye mask to block any light in your room.
9. Spray lavender mist scent on your pillow case and sheets, which help you to fall asleep.
10. Place a cup of water by your bed, so you don’t have to get up and walk into the kitchen to get it.
11. Drink a glass of warm milk before bed.
12. Try to set a sleep schedule; go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.
13. Use deep breathing techniques and focus on your breath to clear your mind of racing thoughts.
14. Practice some light yoga stretches 15 minutes before bed.
15. Wear comfy clothes to bed or none at all!

7 Dos and Don’ts of Raiding Your Boyfriend’s Closet

DON’T borrow his jeans. Unless the two of you happen to have a coordinating ratio of measurements to yield the perfect boyfriend jean, it just won’t work. Of course there are lucky girls who can pull off their guy’s Levi’s, but most of the time it doesn’t happen.

DO borrow his jackets! The boyfriend blazer, unlike the boyfriend jean, offers a lot more room for variation in size, shape, etc. Worn properly, your boyfriend’s suit jacket can be more authentic and chic than an Yves Saint Laurent smoking jacket. Try it over a fitted dress or go “all-black-everything” and pair it with skinny jeans and heels.

DON’T borrow his shoes. This may seem like an obvious rule. Unfortunately, I once suffered the fate of having to borrow my boy’s basketball sneakers because my wedges broke while we were walking in the park. My shoes were unsalvageable and those Nikes were the only option other than splinters and foreign objects (i.e. bare feet).

DO borrow his socks. As weird as it may seem, being open to wearing your boy’s socks once in a while can save you a lot of discomfort in the future. We all forget to do laundry now and again, but that doesn’t mean we need to ride the struggle bus sockless, damp and cold.

DO borrow his t-shirts. I feel like this is a given. Whether it’s chic or not, every girl is going to borrow her guy’s t-shirts. It becomes her most comfortable article of clothing because it smells like him, feels like him and reminds her of him. Guys also happen to have super cool tees and there are a million ways to make a fashion statement with them.

DO borrow his hoodies. Once I met a guy and before I fell in love with him, I fell in love with his hoodie. I remember looking at it and thinking, I could make that look so much cooler. I could even make it look stylish. Coincidentally, we broke up shortly after he told me I could keep the hoodie.

DO borrow his hats. Beanies are more pretty much unisex nowadays. Enough said.

7 types of Girls that everyone has on Snapchat

We love Snapchat! It is awesome to send friends the most embarrassing, ugly or crazy photos. Here are the 7 types of girls that everyone has on Snapchat.

1. Model
This girl always  looks beautiful on her pictures. She’s just super photogenic! *jealous*

2. 24/7 Snapchatter
“Good morning,” “shower”, “breakfast” This type of girl literally takes photos of everything she does.

3. Snap artist
This girl makes all her Snapchat a true artwork or the weirdest drawings. *lol*

4. Weird face
Zoom in on a face, pulling funny faces. She always manage to put a smile on your face.

5. Foodie
This girl take photos of the same thing: food. She makes the most healthy and beautiful dishes and wants to show it to everyone.

6. Snap filmmaker
This girl always records video. And sometimes records long stories of about 40 seconds.

7. Couple
This girl is super happy to be in relationship and everyone should know.

6 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Perfume

Perfume is the finishing touch to the perfect outfit. It is an invisible accessory which can bring out a variety of emotions and feelings from others around you. Scents are about memories and a simple smell can take you back to a million years and bring out a feeling that you might have forgotten about. There was a study that was conducted with scents and perfume and the study found that people found other people more attractive that had a pleasant smell. So many of us use perfume, body spray, scented lotion, perfume balm or roller sticks but not all of us know the proper way of getting the most out of our perfume.

There are many ways to apply your perfume and a lot of you might just use your perfume as a finishing touch before you walk out the door. Applying your perfume in a certain manner can be more effective for a beautiful smell that lasts throughout the day or night. We all have heard of the spray and walk into the mist, but this can waste a lot of your expensive perfume and not even get on your skin. Some of us spray on after we are all ready and dressed up, this can damage our clothes and jewelry. And some of us do a spray all over the entire body, which can be a little overpowering to people around you; you can’t always smell yourself like other can. Here are some tips to do it right:

1. Use your perfume before you dress after your moisturizer. You don’t want to stain your clothing or jewelry and it needs to be applied on the skin to last longer.

2. Apply your perfume to your pulse points; this technique is used because you emit heat in those areas which activate the scent throughout the day or night. Spray on your wrists, behind your ears, your neck line, the crease of your elbows and behind your knees. You can also spray on your chest.

3. When adding the scent to your wrists, don’t rub your wrists together because this can break down the notes which will damage the scent you were going for originally.

4. Make sure your perfume is dry before adding jewelry or clothing, this way your perfume is fully absorbed into the skin and doesn’t rub off on your clothes.

5. “Layering” scents can have a lasting effect of your desired scent. Adding a scented lotion, body spray and then a perfume will hold the scent much longer than just your perfume alone. Don’t mix different brands or scents but stay with the same perfume brand scent. Some people might think this can be a little overkill but if done correctly then you can have a lasting effect of your desired scent.

6. Add a mist into your hair so when you move your hair around, you can give off the beautiful scent.

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