16 Things Every Guy Should Know About Dating A Girl Who Has Her Shit Together

If you say you will do something, do it. Here are the 16 things every guy should know about dating a girl who has her shit together.

3 Ways to wear: ”Shirt tied around the waist”

Shirt tied around the waist – We’ve seen dungarees, mirrored sunglasses and hats make it way back into Fashion, but this season fashion bloggers all around the world are wrapping their shirts around the waist! The 90’s grunge trend typically involved wrapping plaid flannels around ripped jeans with either Doc. martens boots or a pair of converse trainers on the feet. However fashion is about taking trends and renewing them, so here are 3 ways to rock this trend in 2016. Continue Reading

12 Things to know before dating a girl who loves food

1. You’re having brunch and she is already asking what you will eat for dinner.

2. Her eyes are much bigger than her stomach. Sometimes it seems like she is ordering for an extra, invisible person, but do not worry – there is always the doggy bag.

3. She spends most of her money on food. She prefers a good meal over a new pair of shoes.

4. You’ll probably gain wight because of all those food dates of you together. Anyway, they are called love handles because they are made of love.

5. Do not dare to eat before she’s taken a picture of everything on the table for Instagram. Do not you dare!

6. Her idea of ​​an interesting book is a cookbook.

7. You can always ask her where or what to eat. She is like walking guide to the best restaurants.

8. She has always food in the house.

9. They know things like how to open oysters and champagne bottles. In other words, she is a food expert and can teach you a thing or two!

10. Take her the movies and she wil continuously be snacking. Forget about the movie!

11. She does not worry about garlic odor. As long as the food tasted good!

12. Chances are that her dog is called something like Bonbon. Prepare for trouble.

11 things you should know before you dating a girl who is very close to her mother

1. Yes, she tells her mother about anything. Her mother even knows about the details of your sex life.

2. She is a strong woman and she knows what she wants. Thanks to her great role model who always encouraged her.

3. She talks with her mother every day. Sometimes it is a 45-minute long conversation on the phone, sometimes she’s just texting her mother, but she has at least one conversation per day with her mother.

4. And when her mother calls while she is talking to you, you sometimes have to wait.

5. When she has problems she always goes to her mother first. Her mother is great and wise and they have already proven that they always have the right answers. It’s not that she does not ask for your opinion or you do not take seriously, but her mother just has more life experience.

6. If she is ill, her mother visits sooner or later.

7. Your relationship with your mother is important to her. She does not expect you to be on the BFF-level, but she would like to see you treat your mother with respect as she does the same with her mother.

8. She wants children. And she hopes that she will have the same relationship with her daughter as she and her mother.

9. She looks very much like her mother. It is a glimpse of your future! But do not tell her she starts to look like her mother.

10. You are going to spend much time with her mother. If she lives far away, she often goes to her. If she lives nearby, she regularly visits for coffee. Embrace it!

11. Her family is everything to her. She is the girl who goes home for holidays, birthdays, graduations, you name it – she takes every opportunity to spend time with them.

12. Your mother will love her. She will treat her like her own mother and your mother will find that crazy. Really.

10 things men secretly want to do on the first date

1. Give a compliment about your breasts.
Well, even though a compliment about your cleavage is inappropriate (and even a little creepy), the temptation is and remains high. Blame it on the testosterone.

2. Ask how your last relationship ended.
“Tell me … Was he bad in bed?

3. Talking about previous sex partners.
Not that it matters, but it’s just the curiosity. “So … tell!”

4. Getting drunk. Correction: very drunk.
A first date is always uncomfortable, but maybe it gets better after five drinks.

5. Discover how much you earn.
It shouldn’t matter how much you earn, but he’s still curious to know. You tell this to your friends too, so why not just tell him now?

6. Ask if you want to have children.
You have not even ordered a dessert, but he would like to know if you are on the same page regarding this topic. It is important to him that you both want the same amount of children.

7. See what you look like without makeup.
“How do you actually look like without makeup?” It’s not that he does not like make-up, but he’s just wondering what he would wake up next to.

8. Meet your family and friends as soon as possible.

9. Immediately receive a What’sApp from you after the first date.

10. Add You on Facebook.
“Is that a problem?”

6 little things that men find irresistible

1. A sincere laughter.
Not a silly smile or a grin: no, the kind that comes from your belly where your eyes are shut and your teeth are showing. With sound.

2. An intelligent conversation.
When a woman can be philosophical about a certain topic and sound smart. Men find that sexy. Very sexy.

3. A bare shoulder.
Preferably by accident.

4. Cliché but true: playing with your hair.
It’s such a turn on when you run your fingers through your hair, pull a on your ponytail, or make a braid – it’s super feminine and therefore: irresistible to a man.

5. When you blurt out something stupid.
Because: Even if it is pure nonsense, men find that cute and charming.

6. Sleep.
When he is awake, and you’re quietly sleeping on him, you give him the finest feeling ever: trust me.

9 Crazy Things You Didn’t Know About Kissing

Do you also turn your head to the right, like two thirds of all people? Here are the nine crazy things you didn’t know about kissing.

7 Beauty products you should never share

You might share everything with your BFF, but beauty products should not be one of them! We know that sharing is caring, however you should know when to say no! Because sharing something as simple as a razor could possibly get you crazy bacterial infections or even diseases as nasty as HIV.

Here are 7 things we recommend you to keep to yourself.

1. Eye Makeup
7 Beauty products you should never share - OOTD Magazine 1
Your eyes are like a VIP entrance for bacteria, making it easy to get infections like pinkeye. They just don’t have the same protection layers that the skin does.

2. Razors
7 Beauty products you should never share - OOTD Magazine 2
Razors have the possibility of drawing bloods or fluids, leaving bacteria on the blade even if you rinse it. Sharing Razors makes you vulnerable to infections, hepatitis and there’s even the chance of getting HIV.

3. Tweezers
7 Beauty products you should never share - OOTD Magazine 3
It may not seem like a big deal, but plucking your hair with someones tweezers has the same risks as using a razor. It is very susceptible to infections.

4. Makeup Brushes
7 Beauty products you should never share - OOTD Magazine 4
Makeup brushes are the ultimate place for bacteria to burrow themselves in, because bacteria often grow on damp places. You’re basically brushing someone’s germs onto your face when you borrow her brush.

5. Jars of cream
7 Beauty products you should never share - OOTD Magazine 5
Everytime someone dips her finger into a jar of lotion or cream, bacteria transfers to it and once again you put that stuff on your face, exposing yourself to skin infections. To keep it safe, stick to your own jars and always wash your hands before putting it in the jar!

6. Face-cleansing brush
7 Beauty products you should never share - OOTD Magazine 6
These brushes are filled with dead skin cells which are full of bacteria. Again use your own brush, unless you like the idea of applying someone else’s dead skin cells into your pores.

7. Lip gloss
7 Beauty products you should never share - OOTD Magazine 7
You eat food every day, so your mouth is the biggest source of bacteria. Also the lips have a very weak layer of skin leaving it vulnerable to infections like herpes!

15 Ways To Know You’re In Love

Falling in love is one of the most exciting thing you could ever do, however there’s no such thing as love at first sight — not real love, I believe. Love builds over time and everyone experiences love differently. There is a difference between just liking someone and being in love. Still, it’s the best feeling ever and there are ways to let you know when you might be in love. So here are 15 ways to know you are actually in love with a guy.

1. He is the first person you think about in the morning
2. You have an urge to hang out with him every day
3. When you do hang out with him, it was the best part of your day.
4. You’d do anything for him
5. You prioritise him above your own needs
6. You genuinely worry about him when he is in potentially dangerous situations.
7. When you aren’t together, he still makes it into your thoughts.
8. Whenever he does make it into your thoughts, you smile instantly.
9. You are never afraid to let everyone know you’re in love with him
10. You love his imperfections
11. You find it hard to imagine a future without him
12. You spend longer getting ready to see him
13. You value this person’s opinion and trust his or her advice.
14. Every time you see him, you feel a little nervous — even though there is no reason to.
15. Your love is your best friend

10 Reasons Why Guys Like To Date Sporty Girls

Independent, flexible and not afraid to go on an adventure. Here are the ten Reasons why guys like to date sporty girls.

1. She is independent.
Nothing is sexier to a man than an independent woman!

2. She knows how to relax.
You can let go of all tension and stress with a nice work-out. And did you know that exercising stimulates the production of endorphins? This hormone gives you a very happy feeling!

3. She has confidence.
Whether she is happy with her body or still hard at work to get her perfect body, a workout always gives you confidence. And men love a confident woman.

4. She is strong inside and out.
What do you mean women are the ‘weaker sex’? A sporty woman can carry her own suitcase at the airport. Yes, even if her whole wardrobe is stuffed with clothes.

5. She is motivated.
Also outside of the gym! A night out, a trip to the beach or a ride on the bike, she is always up for anything.

6. She respects herself.
“Your body is a temple,” an athlete knows that too well. If a woman knows her body well, they can make the right (healthy) choices and stand up for themselves.

7. She’s always up for a challenge.
Whether it is about her career or relationship choices, they won’t step back from anything. Sporty women are always trying to expand their boundaries.

8. She is flexible.
It’s no secret that athletic women have longer and flexible muscles. Very suitable for performing complicated sex positions to make the man happy.

9. She’s always up for an adventure.
Men love women who like new experiences. A sporty woman loves creative dates and trying new things out of love for her partner.

10. They know all too well what teamwork means.
Anyone who has ever worked-out, knows how important it is to be a team player. A sports fan knows how important it is to compromise and be considerate of each other. This is very useful in a relationship!

6 Signs That You’re Not Drinking Enough Water

Read and learn. Here are the six signs that you’re not drinking enough water.

1. You’re tired
Even if you only take a few sips, water will affect your body and give it more energy. Water also gives you a positive mood boost.

2. Your workouts are hard
Whether you’re playing volleyball or spending hours in the gym. Do you suddenly feel more exhausted than usual while you are working? The chances are high that you need to drink more water today.

3. You have constipation
Better known as: you can not poo. Your body needs water to digest your food and water makes it easier to glide through your organs.

4. You feel bloated
We understand that you just want to drink less if you suffer from bloating, but don’t! If you don’t drink enough, your body compensates for the moisture deficit by holding moisture.

5. Your urine is yellow and stinks a little
The color of your urine is actually the best indicator to check if you’re properly hydrated. The lighter you pee, the better. But do not worry if it suddenly looks super yellow – especially in the morning that is often the case. Make sure you drink enough water throughout the day.

6. Because you’re thirsty
It might sound very logical to drink water when you are thirsty. But did you know that you actually only get thirsty if you are already 1-2% dehydrated? So it’s important to drink enough water and avoid the thirsty feeling.

12 Tips To Be Amazing On Instagram

Do you want to know how to get more followers on Instagram? Here are the 12 tips to be amazing on Instagram.

1. Timing is everything
Post your pictures in the morning before work, or in the evening after work. Those are the times people will most likely see your picture.

2. Be yourself and place photos that fit you

3. If you have many nice pictures … make a collage!

4. For inspiration you can check the accounts of celebrities or your friends

5. A little variety never hurts

6. Do not post food pictures all the time!

7. Do not post any outfit shot from a mirror.

8. If you want to post a selfie, make it look spontaneous!

9. But don’t overdo it

10. Be sure the filters are not too much!
Make your picture just right. You can also use apps like VSCO cam and Afterlight to edit your pictures.

11. Writing an entire essay of hashtags is a no go!
Because it’s all about the picture!

12. But in the end it’s just Instagram
So don’t panic if you don’t get a lot of likes, there are worse things in life.

12 tips for a fresh breath

Because nobody loves bad breath. Here are the 12 tips for a fresh breath.

1. Go for a low-calorie diet.
Fat food can stick to your tongue and give you bad breath. So you should eat more broccoli, carrots and sweet potatoes.

2. Eat more apples and other, hard fruits.
This serves as a natural toothbrush, because by munching on a hard apple it can release the foods stuck between your teeth.

3. Drink plenty of water.
It is not only healthy for your body, but it also eliminates oral bacteria. Sports drinks, soda, and iced tea often contain citric acid, which causes a bad smell and damages your teeth. That’s not what we want.

4. Drink more green juice and less coffee.
The first contains little acid, the second just too much. And acid is the major cause of a bad breath.

5. Chew on fresh mint leaves or parsley.
Put a few of the green leaves in a plastic bag and you’ll always have fresh breath at hand. These refresh your mouth naturally.

6. Brush and floss every day.
Of course, you already brush your teeth everyday. However you can not reach everywhere with your toothbrush, but you can by flossing it!

7. Clean your tongue.
Bacteria are not just on your teeth, they’re also on your tongue. Use a tongue scraper or toothbrush to clean your tongue more often.

8. Rinse with mouthwash.
Do we have to explain this?

9. Chew sugarless gum with xylitol.
Chewing gum removes the bacteria. At least, the sugarless gum do.

10. Don’t smoke.
Smoking dries out your mouth and gives you a bad breath.

11. Use flavored lip gloss.
It can help you hide the smell of your breath.

12. Visit your dentist regularly.
Especially if you continue to have bad breath after trying the above 11 tips.

10 Struggles Every Girl With Big Breasts Recognises

Yes, you are very happy with them, and no, you would not trade them for anything. Here are the 11 struggles every girl with big breasts recognises.

1. Unexpectedly having to sprint to catch the train.
Ouch! And you can’t be prepared for this by wearing a sports bra every single day..

2. Why are bikinis always sold in sets?
Is it forbidden to have a smaller butt when you have a D cup??!

3. Men who talk to your cleavage.
Hello, my eyes are much higher.

4. The lingerie department of some clothing chains.
Why don’t you sell any lingerie for Cup D’s?

5. Jokes with the word “tits” in it.
#not funny

6. Friends who are jealous of your breasts.
Jealousy is ugly. Big breasts are not.

7. Shirts with quotes.
Which completely disfigure once you put them on.

8. And also everything with a deep cut.
While your less fortunate girlfriends look “cute”, you would look ‘semi-pornographic.

Yes, there is more fabric needed for a Cup E bra than a Cup A. But forty dollars more fabric? Seriously?!

10. One word: Strapless.
Whoever said big boobs hold up strapless dresses better was wrong, very wrong.

11 Things that every girl does

1. Turn down your radio if you have to park your car
This requires the utmost concentration.

2. Eat a lot of food if you are alone
Then complain to your friends that you have no idea where all those extra pounds suddenly came from.

3. You check your make up in every mirror
You even look at every shop window. And wait .. What about your hair?

4. That text message you adjust 14 times before you send to your lover.
Should I send the message or should I…

5. Toilet
No. You don’t have to pee right now. But imagine what if there will be a long que at that party.

6. In-depth conversations with your pet.
Blub does not ask questions. Blub understands.

7. Watch all marriage proposal videos that you can find on YouTube.
Whether you want to get married? Of course not.

8. Dancing to your favorite songs
And you are convinced that Beyonce can not match your moves.

9. Buy a new smartphone case, and secretly already have five others.
But this is one is cute.

10. Stalking your ex through social media.
He looks so miserable without you. Haha..

11. You know the script from the TV show Mean Girls.
And you’re insanely proud of it.

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