Band of Jules

With the holiday season peeking just around the corner, nothing comes in handy more than a great piece of jewellery. Knowing that your days are probably busy enough filled with holiday obligations, we selected our favorite jewels for you and you can find them all in one place.

Meet Band of Jules
Without a doubt, Band of Jules has been our go to place when it comes to lovely luxury jewellery brands. For those of you not familiar with Band of Jules yet, here is the break down. This is beste place where customers worldwide can access a unique selection of jewellery designers with one click that helps them express their individuality and personality every single day.

And the best thing is: Band of Jules offers a unique shopping experience by letting you try the pieces before you buy them. The idea is simple: you order the pieces of jewellery you like, try them on at home – for instance with the attire you are trying to accessorise – and return the jewellery you decide not to buy, entirely free-of-charge.

With this in mind, we selected our favorite pieces by Danish brands Lulu Badulla.

About Lulu Badulla
Lulu Badulla is a contemporary design jewelry brand based in Copenhagen, the scandinavian capital of design.

We believe good design always starts with an interesting idea. Thats why all our designs tell a story.

Make sure to check out more pieces by clicking on the images below

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