7 Beauty products you should never share

You might share everything with your BFF, but beauty products should not be one of them! We know that sharing is caring, however you should know when to say no! Because sharing something as simple as a razor could possibly get you crazy bacterial infections or even diseases as nasty as HIV.

Here are 7 things we recommend you to keep to yourself.

1. Eye Makeup
7 Beauty products you should never share - OOTD Magazine 1
Your eyes are like a VIP entrance for bacteria, making it easy to get infections like pinkeye. They just don’t have the same protection layers that the skin does.

2. Razors
7 Beauty products you should never share - OOTD Magazine 2
Razors have the possibility of drawing bloods or fluids, leaving bacteria on the blade even if you rinse it. Sharing Razors makes you vulnerable to infections, hepatitis and there’s even the chance of getting HIV.

3. Tweezers
7 Beauty products you should never share - OOTD Magazine 3
It may not seem like a big deal, but plucking your hair with someones tweezers has the same risks as using a razor. It is very susceptible to infections.

4. Makeup Brushes
7 Beauty products you should never share - OOTD Magazine 4
Makeup brushes are the ultimate place for bacteria to burrow themselves in, because bacteria often grow on damp places. You’re basically brushing someone’s germs onto your face when you borrow her brush.

5. Jars of cream
7 Beauty products you should never share - OOTD Magazine 5
Everytime someone dips her finger into a jar of lotion or cream, bacteria transfers to it and once again you put that stuff on your face, exposing yourself to skin infections. To keep it safe, stick to your own jars and always wash your hands before putting it in the jar!

6. Face-cleansing brush
7 Beauty products you should never share - OOTD Magazine 6
These brushes are filled with dead skin cells which are full of bacteria. Again use your own brush, unless you like the idea of applying someone else’s dead skin cells into your pores.

7. Lip gloss
7 Beauty products you should never share - OOTD Magazine 7
You eat food every day, so your mouth is the biggest source of bacteria. Also the lips have a very weak layer of skin leaving it vulnerable to infections like herpes!

15 Ways To Know You’re In Love

Falling in love is one of the most exciting thing you could ever do, however there’s no such thing as love at first sight — not real love, I believe. Love builds over time and everyone experiences love differently. There is a difference between just liking someone and being in love. Still, it’s the best feeling ever and there are ways to let you know when you might be in love. So here are 15 ways to know you are actually in love with a guy.

1. He is the first person you think about in the morning
2. You have an urge to hang out with him every day
3. When you do hang out with him, it was the best part of your day.
4. You’d do anything for him
5. You prioritise him above your own needs
6. You genuinely worry about him when he is in potentially dangerous situations.
7. When you aren’t together, he still makes it into your thoughts.
8. Whenever he does make it into your thoughts, you smile instantly.
9. You are never afraid to let everyone know you’re in love with him
10. You love his imperfections
11. You find it hard to imagine a future without him
12. You spend longer getting ready to see him
13. You value this person’s opinion and trust his or her advice.
14. Every time you see him, you feel a little nervous — even though there is no reason to.
15. Your love is your best friend

5 Things Every Girl With Bangs Goes Through

When you decided to get those straight-just-above-your-eyebrows bangs, all you could think about was Taylor Swift’s sexy gazes from behind it and a new, much cooler look that came with it. I know that’s what I expected out of it. And most of the times that’s what I got. But from the moment the hairstylist (or my hair whisperer friend) did the cut here’s what I always go through and never learn my lesson, and I’m sure you do too:

1. You now have to wash your hair daily. It might be because you’re always tempted to run your fingers through it, or push it one side or the other but your bangs never look fresh by the end of the day, so you have to wash your hair daily now.

2. And style it daily. It would be too easy if washing it was all you had to do. Even though until now all you needed to do with you hair was put it up in a bun, now you will have to style your bangs too (unless you are blessed with all-the-time-perfect hair). Either dry it with a brush, put it on a roller or tame it with your flat iron, you will have to do something with it before going out the door.

3.It’s always in your eyes. It will go so fast from perfect length to in-your-eyes length that you will either have to cut it weekly or just deal with it as it is. So you will often find your self sweeping it from one side to the other, or shaking your head in that too familiar way us chicks with bangs do.

4.It never stays in place. Ok, it might have something to do with the previous point, but when you take a glance in the mirror you will almost always find it that your bangs never stay as you would expect it to do. And it’s only too often that you will find you have a center part you never wished for.

5. The growing stage. After having fun with it and concluding you must get back to a more easy to wear hairstyle, you will find that this stage isn’t as easy as you thought either. All I have to say is that I spent 6 months with my bangs pulled back and pinned safely until it reached a length good enough to work with.

So tell me, do you agree with these struggles? Do you think it’s all worth it or do you have anything else to add to the list?

9 Skin Products Every Asian Woman Should Use

Especially for Chinese, Japanese and Korean – their skin types are known for having a combination of being oily, sensitive and pale, whilst having some sort of anti-ageing magic happening at the same time. But relying on nature won’t keep your Asian skin looking and feeling healthy, so why not consider doing a routine with these gentle products?

1. Simple Face Wipes
The ‘Kind To Skin’ range is gentle on sensitive skin, especially when removing make up and it doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry. There are also no artificial ingredients like alcohol that will upset the skin, leaving you feeling happy and refreshed.

2.Origins Charcoal Mask
Great for congested and oily skin – the clay mask draws the dirt and oil out from clogged up pores and helps clear the surface from acne. Apply once/twice a week and the face will regain its healthy glow.

3.The Body Shop Aloe Gentle Exfoliator
Exfoliating the face can sometimes irritate the skin, especially if the scrub contains natural grains or beads, which can easily scratch the surface. With this product, Aloe Vera is a soothing agent and the grains are tiny so great to use on sensitive skin. It rarely causes breakouts and redness, and it cleans the skin just as well.

4.Biore Pore Strips
Asians are known for their large pores, and every single time – they get very clogged up. Using these on the nose, forehead or chin is one of the best ways your skin will get really cleaned. This 10-minute treatment will rid of the stubborn blackheads and dirt from your ‘pore’ area. It might also take some face hairs along the way, just a heads up.

5.Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets
Asian skin is also known for being oily. Looking shiny isn’t a great look so using these instead of tissues will save you the embarrassment of someone mistaking you for a mirror. It doesn’t smudge your make up either. Bonus?

6.Nivea Day Face Cream 
When you wash your face every morning, the water actually dries out the skin so it is important to moisturize your face soon after. This cream is great for normal and combination skin types, leaves your face smelling divine and it will also protect your face from sunlight with SPF15.

7.Creme De La Mer Lip Balm 
Despite it being at a higher price than high street brands, it can transform your lips to a healthier state. Chapped or dry lips sufferers will find this lip balm a work of magic, especially if you live with air con and your skin and lips are constantly dry from it.

8.Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentration
This face oil is to be applied on before bedtime as it helps replenish and locks in moisture while you sleep. Oil is actually good because it protects your face from dryness but when over-cleansed, the oil is removed and the body produces extra oil to compensate – equaling oily face. Using this face oil will help balance everything out.

9.Liz Earle Daily Eye Repair
For Asians, having dark circles under the eye is problematic especially since the eye area has thinner skin and the change in skin colour/pigment shows up easier. The eye cream includes UV protection from the sun and ingredients that help lighten up under the eyes.

However, drinking plenty of water, staying out of the sun and sleep will also help towards the goal of healthier looking skin.

5 Ways To Grow Your Hair Faster

We all know that sudden feeling we get when we HAVE to visit our hairstylist. It can’t be done next week, not even in a few days, it has to be tomorrow and it bears no postponing!

However, not always our trips to the hairstylist are followed by that feeling of satisfaction and admiration for your new hairstyle. From time to time it can happen for you to ask for too short bangs, or to follow that instinct of going for a lob, although you haven’t had your hair shorter than your midriff in more than 10 years. Or your hairstylist might go in for a few extra inches to save your heavily worn out strands. Whatever the reason you know what I’m talking about: you want to get back your long, flowing locks without ruining your budget (and your hair) with extensions.

So here are some tips on how to help your hair grow faster and stronger than ever:

1. Hair care. Wash your hair as often as you need it, but avoid doing it daily. A lot of articles will say not to wash you hair too often, but I think it’s worse if it’s dirty and has too much product on. For me it works every other day, as you also don’t want to strip it from its natural oils, so try different options and see what works for you too. Also you might want to use less product and go easy on hair damaging treatments.

2. Wear it in a pony tail. However I would not recommend a tight ponytail, especially when you go to sleep.

3. Massage your scalp. Whether you do it when you wash you hair or apply a mask, make sure to gently massage your scalp in order to improve blood flow and stimulate hair follicle, both of which will help with hair growth. Brushing your hair will also help, but make sure to do it gently, both on your scalp and the length of your hair – and never on your wet hair!

4. Castor oil. There are many tips on how to help your strands get longer faster, and almost all of them agree on this one: castor oil helps. So before you wash your hair, whip up a mask using castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil, eggs, and lemon juice and you are sure to give your hair a much needed boost.

5. Water and food. Make sure to stay well hydrated and to have a diet that includes proteins and omega 3 fatty acids, as well as vitamins A, B, C, and E, iron, zinc, copper, magnesium, and selenium. Basically what you need is a well balanced diet that will ensure your hair the nutrients it needs to grow healthy.

6 Tips To Make Your Hair Stronger

1. Get rid of bad habits. By putting your hair in a pony tail, blow drying too often or just touching your hair throughout the day, you can damage it very bad. Especially if you have thin hair. Also use your fingers to brush your hair while blow drying instead of using a comb.

2. Always use conditioner. If you have thin hair, you might be tempted to use as little as possible hair products, but you should do the opposite! Go for lightweight products, so you still get the necessary care. Hair products that contain glycerin and panthenol will nourish and strengthen your hair.

3. Cool down. Thin hair breaks easily when it gets very hot. Therefore, try not blow-dry your hair too often. And if you do, do not forget to do use heat-protective spray.

4. Eat healthy. Your hair also neededs nutrition from the inside. For example, fats, protein and vitamin B makes your hair stronger.

5. Listen to your body. Sometimes your thin hair can be caused by medical problems such as a malfunctioning thyroid or rapid weight loss. A heavy menstruation can also cause thin hair. Do not wait to go to the doctor if you have any doubts.

6.Know your history. It may just be in your genes. Look around in your family and if other family members have thin hair too, then you’ll just have to accept it and learn to live with your thin hair 😉

15 Things A Single Woman Will Never Say

1. “Oh, please let me see more pictures of your engagement ring.”

2. “Can I bring a plus one to the party?”

3. “Tonight I’m having a dinner for two.”

4. “You know what, I think it’ll just happen when I least expect it”

5. “I think I can find the one at a speed date-night.”

6. “Sorry, I’m busy on Sundays”
Everyone knows that Sundays are for couples.

7. “I just do not have enough time for myself.”

8. “Oh shit! I forgot the pill.”

9. “I love you.”

10. “I think I’m going to cancel my Netflix account. I have no time for it.”

11. “I really need some matching underwear.”

12. “What is Tinder?”

13. “I have such a nice #DateNight scheduled this week.”

14. ” All of Me ‘by John Legend is my favorite song. ”

15. “I am so happy for you.”

15 Signs That He Wants You

1. He laughs at all your jokes
You’re funny, NOBODY is as funny as you.

2. He is interested and wants to hear you talk
He’s the only person willing to listen to your boring stories.

3. He touches your lower back
Some people are more physical than others, but if he touches your lower back, he’s usually interested.

4. He pays your drinks
This is a signal that men have send to us since the day alcohol was invented.

5. He sends you evening texts.
No, not sexting. But messages in which he asks how your day was and where he wishes you a goodnight.

6. He is trying to pick a movie that you both will enjoy.
Though, he secretly hopes you two won’t finish the movie..

7. He wants to hug you
With the excuse that it’s winter and he finds it so cold.

8. He likes all your Instagram photos
Okay, maybe not all. But all the photos on which your face is displayed.

9. He winks at you.
That’s his way of saying that he likes you.

10. He touches your leg when he is talking
Because he wants to touch you so much.

11. He added you on Facebook immediately after you met.
He could hardly wait until he gets home to find out about your relationship status.

12. He sees little changes
He notices that you’ve been to the hairdresser and you have a new dress. Really, wow!

13. He asks your opinion about small things
“Hey, I’m shopping. What do you think of this shirt?”

14. You see him watching you from a distance
No, not in a scary stalker-way.

15. He says he wants you
Men can be very straight forward.

9 Things Every Student Recognises

1. Your breakfast is the leftover meal from last night because you are too lazy to do groceries.

2. Buying text books during the week of your exam.

3. Starting with your assignment just one day before the deadline and having to pull an all nighter..

4. Spend your last dollars in a coffee shop you enjoy instead of having a decent lunch.

5. If your homework says “read pages 100-140” it means you have a day off.

6. Promise yourself you will not party or drink until your exams, until your friend invites you over for a wine.

7. Deciding to go study in peace at the library, but then you find out your friends are there and you end up having a tea party.

8. Skipping the first class(es), because it’s way too early.

9. You’re a pro at making meals with pesto, pasta and rice.

8 Bloggers you must follow on Instagram

Kristina Bazan:
A fashion blogger who travels all over the world with her followers in her pocket.

The Blonde Salad:
Chiara Ferragni, the charismatic Italian fashion blogger who recently created her own line of shoes.

Pretty Sickly
A young relatable blogger who shows her followers that comfort and causal is always the way to go.

Patricia Manfield
Patricia and her boyfriend Giotto travel the world in pursuit of fashion shows, brand campaigns and magazine covers, the it couple in the blogosphere. 

The Haute Pursuit
Sleek and chic, Vanessa Hong shows us that our wardrobes are simply not worthy.

Lust for life
Olivia Lopez, the tropical babe whose travels and fashion choices leave us breathless… Every time.

A photo posted by Olivia Lopez (@lusttforlife) on

Romeos Fashion Fix
Juliette Foxx, the London based blogger who’s never caught in a pair of flat shoes.

A photo posted by J. Foxx (@romeosfashionfix) on

Patricia Bright
The Blogger and Vlogger who teaches us how to create makeup looks and gives her followers consistent style tips.

What Your Nails Say About You

Our nails can be used as an expression of our style and personality. Nail art is so versatile and we can change up the shape, color and art as fast as we change our minds. We can match our outfit or our style to our nails which is the finishing touch. You can tell a lot about someone by the way you wear your nails.

Short nails with neutral color
You like to keep things neat and sleek. Your outfit is always on point and you may be a little bit of a perfectionist.

Stiletto or Almond shape nails
You are trendy and you like to take risks with fashion. You keep up-to-date with stylish celebrities and fashion icons.

Neon or bright colors with detailed nail art
You like to have fun and don’t take things so seriously. Your style is bright, exciting and you’re not afraid to use colors in your everyday outfit.

Long nails with red or dark red color
Your style is classic and chic. Your style is elegant, fashionable and you love to incorporate vintage fashions into your outfits.

Square shape French tip nails
You are well-dressed and sophisticated. You wear classic designer outfits yet you’re fashionable and modish.

7 Tips On Getting A Good Start For The Day

We all know that getting a good start in the morning can set the tone for the rest of the day. But sometimes mornings are not fun, especially Monday mornings! There are a few things that you can do to make sure that your day starts out right and you’re ready to conquer the world.

1. Get a good night’s rest
Make sure you get your beauty sleep and you have enough hours to wake up refreshed with energy.

2. Eat breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but is one of the most skipped meals. Try eating every morning so you have energy and don’t get that sluggish sleepy feeling before lunch.

3. Have a full glass of water with lemon
Drinking a glass of water with lemon right when you wake up will speed your metabolism, flush toxins and give you a spike in energy.

4. Do some light stretching or yoga
This will help you to wake-up and feel good and balanced. Try doing only 10 minutes right out of bed which will help feel centered and focused.

5. Set out your outfit of the day before bed
Having your outfit planned the night before will reduce on stress when trying to figure out what to wear, especially if you’re in a hurry.

6. Drink two glasses of water if drinking the night before
Hangovers are usually from being dehydrated from drinking, so drink two glasses of water before bed so you’re hydrated when waking.
Don’t hit the snooze button

7. Try not to hit that tempting little button of joy!
Keep the alarm far from your bed and wake-up at the time you planned. The extra ten minutes or more are not going to make you feel more rested. Use the extra snooze button time for breakfast and stretching.

18 Things To Make Yourself Feel Good, Right Now

Sometimes we get a little down and it’s hard to break out of that funk. Maybe you had a fight with your BFF or your boyfriend said something annoying or it’s just one of those days. There are plenty of ways to get out of a bad mood and feel good right away. Here are 18 things to do so you can start feeling good right now!

1. Turn up the music and sing your heart out! Music is good for the soul and it will cheer you up instantly.

2. Pull out the laptop and go shopping! Nothing feels better than some retail therapy.

3. Take a nice bubble bath with candles lit and a glass of wine.

4. Watch a comedy to take your mind off of things and laugh. Laughter can change your mood in an instant.

5. Call your mom or someone that you know can cheer you up just by listening to their voice.

6. Start dancing, yes, right there wherever you are standing. It will feel good.

7. Take a walk or do some cardio. Exercise will boost your endorphins, which is the feel good chemical.

8. Eat your favorite junk food, you know it makes you happy.

9. Write it all out in your journal. Writing can be very cathartic and will help release some negative thoughts or feelings you might have.

10. Hug or kiss someone. When you do this, you release the hormone called oxytocin which is the love chemical.

11. Smile and smile big! The fake it ‘til you make it attitude has shown to have profound effects.

12. Pamper yourself. Get a mani or pedi or stay in and give yourself an at home facial.

13. Let it all out. Sometimes, you may just need to cry and you might feel a little better afterwards.

14. Read an uplifting story. Getting involved in a story will help you take your mind off of any negative feelings.

15. Take a nap. When you wake up after some nice dreams, your mood might be lifted.

16. Plan your next vacation. Nothing feels better than figuring out where you will take your next trip.

17. Go for a drive, sometimes a change of scenery will dramatically change your perspective.

18. Get dressed up and put on some makeup, studies have found that if you look good, you feel good.

10 Traveling Essentials

A new year means new vacations to plan! Everyone deserves a much needed vacay to feel refreshed and centered. Taking a vacation to an island, another country or even not too far from home must be in the books for you. Make sure that you’re thoroughly prepared for whatever may come your way on your next trip. Here are some traveling essentials that are a must:

1. A Camera, of course
You don’t want to miss out on taking a selfie by a waterfall or capturing some ancient architecture, plus hello memories!

2. Passport
If you’re traveling outside of the country, you can’t forget it because you won’t get very far.

3. New clothes
You have to buy new clothes before your vacation, you want to look your best plus pictures!

4. A Good Book
There will be some downtime while traveling so take a good book to keep yourself occupied during your flight.

5. Sunglasses
Hopefully, you will be escaping the cold and heading towards the sun, so sunglasses are essential when traveling and don’t forget the sunscreen as well.

6. Outlet Converter
If you’re traveling to another country and plan on charging your phone or laptop or using a blow-dryer, make sure you know if they have the same outlets. Some places have different outlets and you can pick up an outlet converter to use all your electronics.

7. Comfy Shoes
Traveling may consist of a lot of walking and yes, you do look cute in those wedges but your feet might hate you. Take a pair of comfy shoes for the exploring part of the trip.

8. A Large Handbag or Backpack
When traveling, you might pick up a few things here and there and you don’t want to walk around carrying a bunch of bags, try to fit it all in one place.

9. A Travel Guide
It is important to pick-up a travel guide when heading out somewhere you don’t know. A travel guide will be your BFF on your trip and you can learn a lot about the location, where to go, what to eat, and what to avoid.

10. A Mini Emergency Kit
You never know what you might run into or where your travels might take you, so it is good to keep a mini emergency kit on you, just in case.

8 Fashion Myths You Must Break Right Now

Our lives are directed by some unwritten rules made up by people like you & me. Are those people smarter than us? The answer to this question is “NO”. So, who and what gives them the right to tell us what to do? I know it’s not me but if you obey, you do.

There are so many stupid rules that are made up to control every single field of our everyday lives and to be honest, I’m really sick of them! I find most rules very useless and tend to have a passion for “breaking” them all the time. Even though I can’t help you break the rules of your society, I can help you overcome some myths of Fashion. So what are these “almost idiotic” myths that want to pin us down and kill the joy of our lives?


Whomever said this was probably a crazy control freak who had no sign of imagination whatsoever. You & I, we are free and can do whatever we want and wear whatever we want – the way we like to wear it. Don’t let some crazy myth tell you what to do! Mix those babies up and work it girl!

8 Fashion Myths You Must Break Right Now - OOTD Magazine 1


I’m sure this stupid myth was made up in the 50’s by women who wore matching color two-piece skirt suits with same color shoes & bags. Oh GAWD! I can’t stand the image appearing in my head let alone imagining to wear it! Mix it up girls, wear stripes with leopards, leopards with geometric prints! As long as you like it, nobody can say anything!

8 Fashion Myths You Must Break Right Now - OOTD Magazine 2

Navy & Black are the best color combination since umm… Forever! Symbolizes bold, strong, elegant, masculine, chic, fabulous modern women of our time. You just can’t go wrong with those two together.

8 Fashion Myths You Must Break Right Now - OOTD Magazine 3


Oh I like this one, uh-huh. This one was probably made up by ignorant & dominant fellows who thought women’s place are their homes and they should just live by taking care of their families and crawl up and wait to die day by day. Why the f*** can’t sequins be worn in day time? The answer is simple: because sequins reflect the sunlight and make you a walking star during the day and gets all eyes on you! Don’t listen to anyone who says you can’t rock sequins during the day, they’re probably just jealous of you! Work it, work it, work it!

8 Fashion Myths You Must Break Right Now - OOTD Magazine 4

Yes ma’am, you sure can and look very glamorous too! I don’t even want to try to explain anything with this one, just hush and take a look at those lovely photos and decide for yourself!

8 Fashion Myths You Must Break Right Now - OOTD Magazine 5


very two pieces of good quality denim will look great together. You can be rock in chic or you can just be sport-chic yet be fabulous again. Whomever made this one up must’ve been an anti-American who had refused to wear jeans. Period.

8 Fashion Myths You Must Break Right Now - OOTD Magazine 6


I hear this one from almost everyone – even from some bloggers. Gosh, please just don’t try to “act” like you know something. Just look and see how good these two mix with eachother. Oh sorry, having “the eye” for good things can’t be learned but you can atleast try to “pretend” to have the good eye. People, don’t listen to everyone who says they are a “fashion blogger” – take the time to develop your own ideas and style. Can you think of a reason why Gold and Silver can’t be mixed? I thought not.

8 Fashion Myths You Must Break Right Now - OOTD Magazine 7


This one is the same as number 9. Just let these things be past you. If it feels good trust me, it will look good! Other people’s opinions don’t matter as long as you’re happy with what YOU are wearing. The rest is their problem and guess what, if they don’t like it – they don’t have to wear it!

8 Fashion Myths You Must Break Right Now - OOTD Magazine 8

Don’t forget, be confident in who you are and what you wear. Doesn’t matter what other people think as long as you are comfortable & happy! Don’t complicate your life with stupid rules people – who don’t know better than us – have made up just out of boredom. Keep your life simple and live with simple rules…

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