Olivia Palermo, Johannes Huebl

9 Things Every Girl With A Long Relationship Understands

Chilling together in your pyjamas is amazing. Here are 11 things every girl with a long relationship understands.

1. His family feels a little bit too comfortable around you

2. It is always easy to put on your pyjamas
With food stains and all, because your boyfriend doesn’t care.

3. Where ever you go, everyone asks where your lover is
I do not know, okay? Sometimes I just want to do something by myself.

4. You never know if an invitation is just for you or for him too

5. You two speak in your own language and nobody understands you inside jokes

6. His strange habits are becoming yours too

7. If he is not there you automatically change back to who you were before you were in relationship
Eating crisps at three o’clock in the morning while watching Gossip Girl. Oh well..

8. You are extremely excited when you have a date
So excited that you have been preparing for it the entire weekend. “No, I can not watch a movie at 13.00, because we have a date at 20.00 and I really need to cook!

9. You know all about his friends and colleagues
So when you meet them for the first time this is what happens:”Hi, nice to finally meet you! How’s your mother doing, and one of you is Debbie?” And they find that quite … weird.