6 Temptations of The Modern Girl

Almost each item of this list is something we actually love. So taking a glimpse you might picture me as a bitter old lady, infuriated at the beautiful youth surrounding me and just not getting what life is all about.

But I actually love most of these things too, I’m just as addicted to social media as any other fashion-passionate girl. It’s just that I think there are so many new and cool things around, that if we let ourselves carried away by them we might not get where we expected to in the first place.

1. Procrastinating: It’s not that procrastinating is a new thing, but nowadays we have so many temptations that falling into this pattern is just too easy. You start by checking just one email, than read one article, check one status and next thing you know it’s been hours of scrolling on Instagram and too long time since you’ve read something useful, been to the gym or took care of that laundry basket waiting for you.

2. New trends: any fashionista eagerly anticipates the next season’s trends and cannot wait to adapt her wardrobe to what’s in. And this is not a modern thing necessarily. But fashion has evolved so much, that each season sees a lot of new trends coming in, some fabulous and some not-so-fabulous. And it’s not just once we’ve seen women being so carried away by the fever of a new trend that they forgot to ever ask themselves if that truly flatters them or not.

3. Bad entourage: having friends or a group obviously isn’t something new or bad, but it has become cool to have a clique, and usually the “crazier” the better. But is it really cool to hang out with the wrong people just to fit in somewhere, just because they do outrageous things and that makes you feel out of ordinary?

4. Social media: social media is such a great thing, you get to share your special moments, or your thoughts with people you love, admire or are far away. But it’s also a temptation to share too much due to the false illusion of semi-anonymity. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are filled with poor choices and mean comments, so make sure not to join those groups.

5. Clubbing: while we love to let our hair down and party with our friends, this one can easily fall in the temptations-to-be-avoided category. I’m not saying avoid clubbing or going out with your friends, but think of that girl you know too well, who has lost one too many nights getting wasted, it not only harms your image but your health and complexion too. I’m sure that’s not what you wish for, right?

6. Smart phones and Internet: I love my smart phone just like any other Instagram-addicted girl, but the real threat hear, just like with social media, is over-sharing. Sexting can easily turn into sharing a few sexy snaps with the cute guy you recently met. And from here to him posting that photo somewhere, or even just sharing it with his friends is just one step. We’ve seen bullying cases starting from here and going as far as suicide, so girls, be smart and keep your privates… private!

So ladies let me know: would you add anything to the list or would you cut anything out?