6 little things that men find irresistible

1. A sincere laughter.
Not a silly smile or a grin: no, the kind that comes from your belly where your eyes are shut and your teeth are showing. With sound.

2. An intelligent conversation.
When a woman can be philosophical about a certain topic and sound smart. Men find that sexy. Very sexy.

3. A bare shoulder.
Preferably by accident.

4. Cliché but true: playing with your hair.
It’s such a turn on when you run your fingers through your hair, pull a on your ponytail, or make a braid – it’s super feminine and therefore: irresistible to a man.

5. When you blurt out something stupid.
Because: Even if it is pure nonsense, men find that cute and charming.

6. Sleep.
When he is awake, and you’re quietly sleeping on him, you give him the finest feeling ever: trust me.