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5 Rules an IT Girl Would Never Break

We’ve all heard the term “IT girl” a thousand times, thrown around that it almost lost a bit of its glam and cool by now…but I said almost. For any chick that’s into fashion, being an IT girl is not just something to tick on a list. It’s a title to be desired, admired in others and which you strive to achieve outfit by outfit and look by look.

All the fashion magazines have at least one article to name the things that make an IT girl, but what about the things that break her? What are those things that an IT girl would never even dream of doing?

There are not many things that would make the list as the IT girls are always ready to try a new form of expressing their talents or to rock a new trend, but here are 5 that you should avoid if you aim for the title.

1. Look anything less than polished – even the definition of an IT girl underlines the fact that she always has perfect hair, makeup, nails and outfit, and even though sometimes she might be spotted with a messy bun, a “no make-up” look or boyfriend jeans, it’s all in the name of fashion and totally intentional. And while her altogether look might seem effortless, it’s anything but, and that’s what makes her IT. And if you don’t believe us just check out Olivia Palermo, Alexa Chung, Diane Kruger, Kendall Jenner or your favorite IT girl.

2. Say NO to a new opportunity – The IT girl knows no fear when it comes to exploring new opportunities. Whether it’s a new diet or exercise to keep her healthy and fit, a business opportunity to take her on a new journey, a new social media that will put her in touch with her adoring fans (Kim K W we’re looking at you), or the latest trend that might not seem for everyone, she takes them all and makes them her own!

3. Shady entourage – We all had that crush that you might not necessarily take home to meet your parents and the IT girl might have one (or more) too. But she tries to improve herself constantly and that’s why she’ll leave behind “the liars and the dirty, dirty cheats of the world” as Taylor Swift would say and do, and will surround herself with loyal meaningful relationships that will bring out the best in her and would add value to her life.

4. Be anything less than original – She might have an inspiration, or a go to look, but in the end the IT girl will always own it and make it her own. See, that’s what makes her who she is, the fact that she can be inspired by something or someone and turn it into something of her own that accentuates not only her looks and wits, but also her talent and original ideas.

5. Being rude – Now we all have our bad days, and while she might not smile non stop at the events she attends or at the hoard of paparazzi following her every step, she’ll always show good manners, because she knows her image doesn’t end when she walks off the event’s or meeting’s door. She understands her manners are an important part of her image and a powerful tool that will take her to the next level: that of setting a good example and becoming not only a fashion icon, but an inspiration for all the girls out there.

Let’s discuss: who is your favorite IT girl and what would you add to the list? Use the comments section below to share your thoughts on this one!