30 Silly Thoughts A Girl Has When A Guy Doesn’t Text Her Back

Though we try to keep our cool, an unanswered text message is basically the worst thing that can happen to a girl. The waiting game can make your thoughts bounce between thinking he is ignoring you or worrying you might have done something wrong.

But there is a large sum of people out there who don’t consider cell phones as an extremity and, as a result, will take more time to respond to you.

So instead of assuming they aren’t interested in you, maybe you should try to embrace the fact that they have a life of their own that doesn’t completely revolves around technological devices and social media.

Sure, this sounds easy, but this rational way of thinking isn’t for everyone. Here’s just a few silly things that crosses a girl’s mind while waiting for that reply from the guy she’s texting.

1. He’s definitely ignoring me on purpose.
2. Who is he seeing?!
3. Maybe he didn’t get my message?
4. Maybe his phone died?
5. Nope, he just liked a picture on Instagram — his phone is definitely charged.
6. Maybe he’s playing hard to get?
7. Maybe I should too?
8. Should I text him again?
9. Maybe he’s taking a nap?
10. He hates me.
11. Did he get in an accident?
12. Oh god, I hope he’s not dead.
13. Why does this always happen?
14. Most people have their phones in their hands 24/7.
15. I know he saw my text message.
16. My message clearly got delivered, it even says it!
17. Am I too intimidating?
18. Maybe he’s in the shower?
19. Who takes this long to shower?
20. Maybe he’s on the phone?
21. Who is he calling?
22. Probably that girl who just liked his picture on Facebook.
23. He could be at the gym.
24. Maybe he’s just working?
25. Should I just call him?
26. WTF is going on?
27. I thought we had a great time the other night?
28. Maybe, he doesn’t think the same way?
29. Whatever, he lost his chance; there are plenty of other guys.
30. OMG! He responded!!!