Cheryl Cole

16 Things Every Guy Should Know About Dating A Girl Who Has Her Shit Together

If you say you will do something, do it. Here are the 16 things every guy should know about dating a girl who has her shit together.

1. They want you to make plans.
If you love her, surprise her by making plans. Really, taking the initiative will make her feel loved.

2. They also want you to make choices.
Such as where you go to eat. She must make decisions all day, so it’s nice when someone else is doing that for her once in a while.

3. She’s a feminist.
So don’t invite your immature bro’s at home. She really does find their non-respectful jokes funny.

4. She really does not need any players.
Say what you mean, do what you say – and if you like her, but are not ready for a relationship, please, tell her so she doesn’t have to waste her time on you.

5. She will call you out on your shit.
Especially when you try to hit on her in a pub, while you’re on a date with another woman.

6. She is not impressed by your band.
Or the fact that you’re going to the pub on Tuesday night.

7. She expects you to actually listen to her, and not just stare at her face while she talks.
She really does not like having to repeat what she just said.

8. Do not eat while playing with your phone.
Being busy with your phone during dinner (with anyone) is really rude. Plus, she’s just as busy as you – maybe even busier – and she had to find some time to plan this date with you.

9. She wants you to call her.
She likes hearing your voice, and you should want to hear hers too.

10. And if you send messages, then also react a bit faster.
Nowadays people take their phones along to the toilet, so you really have zero excuse that you three days ‘time poor’ had to send anything back.

11. Behave yourself.
You know what we mean.

12. Do not wait too long to be exclusive if that’s what you want.
Because you can not bind after a long time to be seen as not interested.

13. She has no fear of commitment and she does not want to date someone who has. 
She knows what she wants: YOU. So if you want that, but are scared, just go for it.

14. And only bring her to your parents if you really think you have a future together.
It’s not a game, so only introduce her to your parents if you are serious.

15. She wants you to be spontaneous.
Work hard, play hard right? Surprise her with breakfast in bed, or plan a sweet date for the weekend, as she probably had a shitty week at work and needs this!

16. Do what you say you would do.
If you say something, they expect you to do it. So do that too. Otherwise, your going to disappoint her.