15 Ways To Know You’re In Love

Falling in love is one of the most exciting thing you could ever do, however there’s no such thing as love at first sight — not real love, I believe. Love builds over time and everyone experiences love differently. There is a difference between just liking someone and being in love. Still, it’s the best feeling ever and there are ways to let you know when you might be in love. So here are 15 ways to know you are actually in love with a guy.

1. He is the first person you think about in the morning
2. You have an urge to hang out with him every day
3. When you do hang out with him, it was the best part of your day.
4. You’d do anything for him
5. You prioritise him above your own needs
6. You genuinely worry about him when he is in potentially dangerous situations.
7. When you aren’t together, he still makes it into your thoughts.
8. Whenever he does make it into your thoughts, you smile instantly.
9. You are never afraid to let everyone know you’re in love with him
10. You love his imperfections
11. You find it hard to imagine a future without him
12. You spend longer getting ready to see him
13. You value this person’s opinion and trust his or her advice.
14. Every time you see him, you feel a little nervous — even though there is no reason to.
15. Your love is your best friend