13 signs he is not boyfriend material

The truth: sometimes it’s just not meant to be. But of course there are exceptions. Even though he is not perfect and awkward at times, sometimes you’re just so in love that you still want a relationship with him. And that’s okay. Follow your heart and do what makes you happy. But here are the 13 signs why he is not boy friend material.

1. You don’t always want to see him
If you currently have no desire to see him, why would you want a relationship with him? Especially in the early stages it is important that you want to see each other a lot.

2. He doesn’t have time for you
Every time he says’ I want to see you so badly, but he doesn’t have time for you. It’s a no no. If he really wants to see you, he makes sure he can.

3. He’s lazy
Of course he does not need to be perfect, but if he doesn’t work, and doesn’t study, and still lives at home … How would his future look like?

4. He is not caring
You are an independent girl. But it is important that he wants you to come home safely and that he wants you to at least message him when you’ve arrived home.

5. Everything comes from your side
Do you feel like you’re the only one who takes action? If he really likes you and wants to meet with you, he will take the initiative.

6. He only wants to date at his home and have sex
When a man really likes you, he is not only interested in your body, but also your personality. He wants to have fun with you, talk to you and get to know you.

7. He often cancels your date
With a stupid reason. That is not a good sign.

8. You feel uncomfortable with him
Of course, the first dates are a little awkward and you’re nervous, but after a while you need to feel comfortable with him. If you get the feeling that he’s not good enough and you continue to have an uncertain feeling then it will be hard to build a relationship.

9. He’s not interested in your topics
Whenever you talk about serious issues, such as family or school / work, he doesn’t seem very interested. He rather talks about games, music and entertainment over again and again.

10. You’ve been dating for six months, but it’s still not “official”
Apparently you don’t love him so much that you want a relationship with him. Do you like the dates, but deep down know that there is no future for you two? Make it clear.

11. He doesn’t listen to you
No, he doesn’t have to do anything you say. But something it feels good if he listens to you and actually remembers what you have said to him. If he does, it’s called being interested in your significant other and that is important in a relationship.

12. He has a different vision than you
Do you want to get married, three kids and live in the center of New York City? He would rather live in middle of nowhere, without children and earn money by growing some vegetables.

13. You regularly have discussions or arguments
If it often happens that you are angry because you don’t agree or don’t understand each other. That is not a good for a relationship, sorry.