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12 Tips To Be Amazing On Instagram

Do you want to know how to get more followers on Instagram? Here are the 12 tips to be amazing on Instagram.

1. Timing is everything
Post your pictures in the morning before work, or in the evening after work. Those are the times people will most likely see your picture.

2. Be yourself and place photos that fit you

3. If you have many nice pictures … make a collage!

4. For inspiration you can check the accounts of celebrities or your friends

5. A little variety never hurts

6. Do not post food pictures all the time!

7. Do not post any outfit shot from a mirror.

8. If you want to post a selfie, make it look spontaneous!

9. But don’t overdo it

10. Be sure the filters are not too much!
Make your picture just right. You can also use apps like VSCO cam and Afterlight to edit your pictures.

11. Writing an entire essay of hashtags is a no go!
Because it’s all about the picture!

12. But in the end it’s just Instagram
So don’t panic if you don’t get a lot of likes, there are worse things in life.