- Kiernan Shipka

12 Things to know before dating a girl who loves food

1. You’re having brunch and she is already asking what you will eat for dinner.

2. Her eyes are much bigger than her stomach. Sometimes it seems like she is ordering for an extra, invisible person, but do not worry – there is always the doggy bag.

3. She spends most of her money on food. She prefers a good meal over a new pair of shoes.

4. You’ll probably gain wight because of all those food dates of you together. Anyway, they are called love handles because they are made of love.

5. Do not dare to eat before she’s taken a picture of everything on the table for Instagram. Do not you dare!

6. Her idea of ​​an interesting book is a cookbook.

7. You can always ask her where or what to eat. She is like walking guide to the best restaurants.

8. She has always food in the house.

9. They know things like how to open oysters and champagne bottles. In other words, she is a food expert and can teach you a thing or two!

10. Take her the movies and she wil continuously be snacking. Forget about the movie!

11. She does not worry about garlic odor. As long as the food tasted good!

12. Chances are that her dog is called something like Bonbon. Prepare for trouble.