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11 things you should know before you dating a girl who is very close to her mother

1. Yes, she tells her mother about anything. Her mother even knows about the details of your sex life.

2. She is a strong woman and she knows what she wants. Thanks to her great role model who always encouraged her.

3. She talks with her mother every day. Sometimes it is a 45-minute long conversation on the phone, sometimes she’s just texting her mother, but she has at least one conversation per day with her mother.

4. And when her mother calls while she is talking to you, you sometimes have to wait.

5. When she has problems she always goes to her mother first. Her mother is great and wise and they have already proven that they always have the right answers. It’s not that she does not ask for your opinion or you do not take seriously, but her mother just has more life experience.

6. If she is ill, her mother visits sooner or later.

7. Your relationship with your mother is important to her. She does not expect you to be on the BFF-level, but she would like to see you treat your mother with respect as she does the same with her mother.

8. She wants children. And she hopes that she will have the same relationship with her daughter as she and her mother.

9. She looks very much like her mother. It is a glimpse of your future! But do not tell her she starts to look like her mother.

10. You are going to spend much time with her mother. If she lives far away, she often goes to her. If she lives nearby, she regularly visits for coffee. Embrace it!

11. Her family is everything to her. She is the girl who goes home for holidays, birthdays, graduations, you name it – she takes every opportunity to spend time with them.

12. Your mother will love her. She will treat her like her own mother and your mother will find that crazy. Really.