11 Things that every girl does

1. Turn down your radio if you have to park your car
This requires the utmost concentration.

2. Eat a lot of food if you are alone
Then complain to your friends that you have no idea where all those extra pounds suddenly came from.

3. You check your make up in every mirror
You even look at every shop window. And wait .. What about your hair?

4. That text message you adjust 14 times before you send to your lover.
Should I send the message or should I…

5. Toilet
No. You don’t have to pee right now. But imagine what if there will be a long que at that party.

6. In-depth conversations with your pet.
Blub does not ask questions. Blub understands.

7. Watch all marriage proposal videos that you can find on YouTube.
Whether you want to get married? Of course not.

8. Dancing to your favorite songs
And you are convinced that Beyonce can not match your moves.

9. Buy a new smartphone case, and secretly already have five others.
But this is one is cute.

10. Stalking your ex through social media.
He looks so miserable without you. Haha..

11. You know the script from the TV show Mean Girls.
And you’re insanely proud of it.