Elia Cometti

10 things men secretly want to do on the first date

1. Give a compliment about your breasts.
Well, even though a compliment about your cleavage is inappropriate (and even a little creepy), the temptation is and remains high. Blame it on the testosterone.

2. Ask how your last relationship ended.
“Tell me … Was he bad in bed?

3. Talking about previous sex partners.
Not that it matters, but it’s just the curiosity. “So … tell!”

4. Getting drunk. Correction: very drunk.
A first date is always uncomfortable, but maybe it gets better after five drinks.

5. Discover how much you earn.
It shouldn’t matter how much you earn, but he’s still curious to know. You tell this to your friends too, so why not just tell him now?

6. Ask if you want to have children.
You have not even ordered a dessert, but he would like to know if you are on the same page regarding this topic. It is important to him that you both want the same amount of children.

7. See what you look like without makeup.
“How do you actually look like without makeup?” It’s not that he does not like make-up, but he’s just wondering what he would wake up next to.

8. Meet your family and friends as soon as possible.

9. Immediately receive a What’sApp from you after the first date.

10. Add You on Facebook.
“Is that a problem?”