Natascha Elisa

10 Reasons Why Guys Like To Date Sporty Girls

Independent, flexible and not afraid to go on an adventure. Here are the ten Reasons why guys like to date sporty girls.

1. She is independent.
Nothing is sexier to a man than an independent woman!

2. She knows how to relax.
You can let go of all tension and stress with a nice work-out. And did you know that exercising stimulates the production of endorphins? This hormone gives you a very happy feeling!

3. She has confidence.
Whether she is happy with her body or still hard at work to get her perfect body, a workout always gives you confidence. And men love a confident woman.

4. She is strong inside and out.
What do you mean women are the ‘weaker sex’? A sporty woman can carry her own suitcase at the airport. Yes, even if her whole wardrobe is stuffed with clothes.

5. She is motivated.
Also outside of the gym! A night out, a trip to the beach or a ride on the bike, she is always up for anything.

6. She respects herself.
“Your body is a temple,” an athlete knows that too well. If a woman knows her body well, they can make the right (healthy) choices and stand up for themselves.

7. She’s always up for a challenge.
Whether it is about her career or relationship choices, they won’t step back from anything. Sporty women are always trying to expand their boundaries.

8. She is flexible.
It’s no secret that athletic women have longer and flexible muscles. Very suitable for performing complicated sex positions to make the man happy.

9. She’s always up for an adventure.
Men love women who like new experiences. A sporty woman loves creative dates and trying new things out of love for her partner.

10. They know all too well what teamwork means.
Anyone who has ever worked-out, knows how important it is to be a team player. A sports fan knows how important it is to compromise and be considerate of each other. This is very useful in a relationship!