Ugg Boots Are Coming Back!

Rather than being a one-time trend thing, Ugg the hated fur boot that’s been considered out of style for the past few years might be back in fashion! According to Vogue editors Laura Weir and Julia Hobbs, 2015 is the year of the Ugg’s comeback. ‘’Isn’t it time that we embraced our guiltiest fashion pleasure?’’ they say. Well we totally agree!

Even though they are just so cosy and help us survive the cold winter days, it’s always been considered ‘’wrong’’ to wear them. The constant struggle between comfort and fashion is a huge deal for us women and we’re glad that ‘’ugly’’ is coming back. 2014 was the year of the ugly Birckenstocks, will 2015 be the year of Uggs?

If you got the guts to bring Ugg’s back, here are 5 tips on how to wear them (provided by Vogue).

1. Wear with no make-up

2. Tracksuit bottoms are off the menu

3. Be clever (or sexy – try fishnets) – this is all about subverting the yummy-mummy expectations (Yummy-mummy is a British term for cool trendy mum)

4. They look great with a vintage dress and chunky knit. “That’s how I wore mine in the South of France last summer,” says Vogue’s Laura Weir. “Spend three weeks in a camper van hopping from the surf to beach BBQs, and they’re the only thing you want on your feet.”

5. A long white tunic or tux shirt, bare legs and the black Ugg mini is a strong transitional look.

Let us know what you think about Ugg’s possibly making a comeback. Will you join the hype?