6 Steps To Grow Out Your Eyebrows

Need to grow your eyebrows out because they’re thin and uneven or because you over plucked one crazy night or because you’re looking for a Cara Delevingne style eyebrow?

3 Ways to wear: ”Shirt tied around the waist”

Shirt tied around the waist – We’ve seen dungarees, mirrored sunglasses and hats make it way back into Fashion, but this season fashion bloggers all around the world are wrapping their shirts around the waist! The 90’s grunge trend typically involved wrapping plaid flannels around ripped jeans with either Doc. martens boots or a pair of converse trainers on the feet. However fashion is about taking trends and renewing them, so here are 3 ways to rock this trend in 2016. Continue Reading

17 Things That Happen When You Introduce Your Boyfriend To Your Family

Introducing your boyfriend to the family is a big step. For you he is the prince charming, but do your parents thinks he’s the perfect son in law? Here are the 17 things that happen when you introduce your boyfriend to your family.

2 years ago

5 Reasons why you can’t live without music

You can’t live without headphones these days. They pump delicious rhythmic sounds into your eardrums, touching your heart with the soundtrack of your life. Music is your religion, music is the divine language we all share, music is love and art! Okay, enough of the corny music quotes. But to be fair, you listen to music everywhere. In the train, at your work, and you might have even found yourself heading back home if you’d forgotten your headphones.

Music is your therapy when you have a bad day. In fact, you’re listening to music as you read this aren’t you? Because you can’t live without music. Music is life and life is music. Here are the five reasons why you can’t live without music.

1. Showering with your favourite tune
Music can groove to your exact schedule. Do you listen to two, three maybe four songs before you are done with your shower? If the answer is three then we are on the same page, haha! When you sing in the shower, music backs you up. You sound like the next Beyoncé rather than looking like you’ve just destroyed a piece of music history.

2. Charges up
The public thinks you’re anti social all of the time. You’re only wearing your headphones and it seems like you don’t care about your surroundings, however music actually charges you up while you’re heading to your destination. Music gets you into the right mood and makes you feel like you’re the queen of the city.

3. Workout
The only thing you need is your music while you’re working out. Music is the number 1 tool to improve your workout sessions. Music actually ups your effort, distracts you from feeling tired and makes you unable to stop running on that treadmill.

4. Fall asleep
Music is the perfect segue between your world and the land of dreams. Falling asleep with your favourite tune is so 2015.

5. Gets you in the right mood
When you had a rough day, music can make you feel damn good. Making love to music feels even better, and one of the best thing about this is how it brings a smile to your face every time you hear the song afterward.

2 years ago

20 Struggles Only Skinny Girls Understand

It’s rude to walk up to an overweight person and comment on their weight, but most people think it’s a “fair game” to comment on the weight of a naturally skinny girl. Well it’s not easy to deal with. Actually it’s really frustrating when everyone around you thinks you have an eating disorder when you don’t. Being told ”You need to eat a burger because you need more meat on your bone” is the same as bullying. Enough said, here are 20 struggles only naturally skinny girls understand:

1. Do you eat? People who tell you to eat something all the time
2. Telling you that 0 isn’t a size
3. Skinny jeans don’t look skinny on you
4. Your feet look huge
5. People think that they might break you
6. Being told to be careful when it’s windy outside
7. People making jokes about your weight
8. You have to add more holes to your belts
9. Bracelets will fall right off
10. Tall boots are slouchy
11. Always being known as ”the Skinny One”
12. Wearing the same size bra since your middle school
13. Why do you workout people ask
14. No one believes if you tell them you eat all the time
15. Most of your clothes have to be taken in
16. Feeling cold all the time
17. People telling you “I’d love to have your problem” and that you have no reason to be insecure
18. Uncomfortable chairs hurt your but bone
19. You always need belts
20. Explaining that it doesn’t matter if you’re skinny or curvy, because confidence is the most sexy of all.

2 years ago


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