There’s A New Man In Town

Let’s Discuss: There’s a New Man Out There – Do We Like It or Not?

The other day I caught a discussion on TV about a new species of men wandering the streets of our cities. This man is so different from the rest, and has spread so much, that the specialists had to come up with a name for him. After the metrosexual who revolutionized the hygiene and cosmetic habits of the men behold… the lumbersexual!

Lumber-what you may ask? Your eyes are not deceiving you. The lumbersexual is the new thing when it comes to men and their habits and here’s what this is all about.

During the day the lumbersexual goes to work looking like any other corporate guy, suited and booted, and you might even take him for a metrosexual if you didn’t pay enough attention. Actually, it seems that this new species has evolved from the metrosexual, as the guy that appreciates the benefits of good hygiene and high quality cosmetic products and procedures, yet feels the need to go back to his roots. He wants to reconnect with his ancestors who worked the land, the wood and the steel. And that is why, after his office-day has come to an end, the lumbersexual emerges from his suit, proudly displaying a more rugged look complete by his well-trimmed…BEARD!

The beard is his distinctive sign, like the stripes on a zebra, or the trunk of an elephant, his beard is what differentiates him from the heard of well groomed men, who have forgotten where they came from. Not to be confused with a hipster (which is a whole other discussion, though they might have some traits in common), the lumbersexual is the combination between the perfect-looking businessman and the outdoors guy, who loves backpacking on a weekend.

When it comes to their dating habits or preferences it is not yet clear if they differentiate from their relatives, the metrosexuals. I guess more time will be needed for a pattern to be determined. However girls, if you feel that a rugged sensual beard and hiking during weekends is your thing, but don’t want to compromise on fashion discussion and sharing beauty products with your significant other, this is the guy for you! And I suggest you hurry, before they develop into the next thing, and go full mountain man on!

So ladies what do you think? I would love to hear from you on this type of men: do you think he’s a keeper, a fixer-upper, or more of a “no thank you” kind of guy?