Stop the following 6 beautytricks now!

Did you know these things were no good for you?

1. Not applying your facial cream on your neck and chest
Why do we put bodylotion on our arms and legs and facial cream only on our face? What about the rest? You don’t want your neck and chest to be wrinkled do you?

2. Not cleaning your face before you go to bed
Big chance you know it is not good for you. But do you know why? Not cleaning your face before you go to bed will give bacteria the chance to leave marks on your skin and create pimples. Wash off the bacteria and use a moisturizer!

3. Not using an anti-aging cream because you think you are to young.
You know the saying; To prevent is better than to cure? Use it in moderation just a couple of times a week.

4. Daily use of waterproof mascara
This type of mascara has less nutritional values than the regular mascara because it is made to last longer. As a result, it can make you eyelashes fall out. So use in moderation!

5. Plucking your eyebrows
Just quickly getting rid of those last hairs before going out? It is better to leave them. Take your time to do it properly. There is a chance you take more hairs than needed which might not grow back.

6. Use of Eyeliner
Try not to use it too often. There is a chance your eye might get infected. If you can’t go without, dont’t go above the eyelashes.