Fancy Smancy

Tis the season of weddings, bridal showers, graduations, baby showers and MORE! I have always fallen in LOVE with the dresses from Mr. Self Portrait, but let’s be honest, sometimes you can’t afford to splurge on a super lux dress like that (well, at least I can’t! Kudos to you if you can!) But anyway, I stumbled upon this beauty over at Minusey (YOU HAVE TO CHECK THEM OUT. I KNOW I AM TYPING IN ALL CAPS AND IT IS OBNOXIOUS BUT SERIOUSLY SUCh AMAZING STUFF AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE. I NEED EVERYTHING!)

Woo. End rant. Back to the dress – the quality & color is AMAZING! I paired it with some neutral and simple strappy sandals and my Henri Bendel bag along with some statement earrings like these sick ear jacket earrings from Ederra.