Create + Cultivate DTLA

DTLA | Went with my favorite white and denim for Create and Cultivate last week. What a line up! From Jessica Alba to Rachel Zoe and Chelsea Handler, the house was full of girlboss after girlboss.

Alba spoke about persistence. She pitched the idea of the Honest Company to investor after investor for three years before catching a break. Then talked about having to streamline the brand and really focus on a few key products before expanding the line to what it is now. Another topic she spoke on that really resonated with me was overcoming intimidations you may have in a space where you feel less equipped than the average. Alba never completed school and does not have a college education, therefore felt like she was looked down upon by her peers when entering the business world. She would make jokes about herself and almost apologize for her lack of education which she had to overcome in order to really step into the role she’s in today as founder of one of the fastest growing home and beauty lines in the world.

Rachel Zoe spoke about finding balance between personal and professional life. She attributes much of her success to an incredibly supportive partner and husband, and finding focus after becoming a mom. This really hit home for me because I often wonder as a woman, how there will ever be time for it all.

After hearing these talented and stunning entrepreneurs speak about their journeys and all they have planned for the future, I’m so honored to be joining the C+C family! I’ll be speaking at the convention in Atlanta in the fall! Really hoping to see some of you there…If you’re interested in buying tickets, here’s the link >>> CreateCultivate

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