Baby Pink

Baby pink… the only way I thought I would wear baby pink was when the outfit involves a hell lot of black. Apparently my rules have changed, the second possible way I would wear baby pink is when it involves a matching set with a 90s aesthetic. Literally put together this cute unif top with the pastel tennis skirt because I felt they were made to be worn together. What are the odds when two pieces are the exact same shade and of similar silhouettes (both tight and short). I added chunky boots and an acid wash jacket to make the outfit more, let say, me.

Anyways, this is all for now. I’m officially without a laptop because it decided to die all of a sudden and I’m using this old one from my boyfriend that actually has some keyboards missing. Honestly, I have no idea how I am even writing this much. I’ve been writing this text for a solid 15 min and its stressing me out so much ahhh. Hope this was worth it tho. Let me know your thoughts, would you wear this amount of pastel this summer?


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