9 Things Every Student Recognises

1. Your breakfast is the leftover meal from last night because you are too lazy to do groceries.

2. Buying text books during the week of your exam.

3. Starting with your assignment just one day before the deadline and having to pull an all nighter..

4. Spend your last dollars in a coffee shop you enjoy instead of having a decent lunch.

5. If your homework says “read pages 100-140” it means you have a day off.

6. Promise yourself you will not party or drink until your exams, until your friend invites you over for a wine.

7. Deciding to go study in peace at the library, but then you find out your friends are there and you end up having a tea party.

8. Skipping the first class(es), because it’s way too early.

9. You’re a pro at making meals with pesto, pasta and rice.