9 Skin Products Every Asian Woman Should Use

Especially for Chinese, Japanese and Korean – their skin types are known for having a combination of being oily, sensitive and pale, whilst having some sort of anti-ageing magic happening at the same time. But relying on nature won’t keep your Asian skin looking and feeling healthy, so why not consider doing a routine with these gentle products?

1. Simple Face Wipes
The ‘Kind To Skin’ range is gentle on sensitive skin, especially when removing make up and it doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry. There are also no artificial ingredients like alcohol that will upset the skin, leaving you feeling happy and refreshed.

2.Origins Charcoal Mask
Great for congested and oily skin – the clay mask draws the dirt and oil out from clogged up pores and helps clear the surface from acne. Apply once/twice a week and the face will regain its healthy glow.

3.The Body Shop Aloe Gentle Exfoliator
Exfoliating the face can sometimes irritate the skin, especially if the scrub contains natural grains or beads, which can easily scratch the surface. With this product, Aloe Vera is a soothing agent and the grains are tiny so great to use on sensitive skin. It rarely causes breakouts and redness, and it cleans the skin just as well.

4.Biore Pore Strips
Asians are known for their large pores, and every single time – they get very clogged up. Using these on the nose, forehead or chin is one of the best ways your skin will get really cleaned. This 10-minute treatment will rid of the stubborn blackheads and dirt from your ‘pore’ area. It might also take some face hairs along the way, just a heads up.

5.Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets
Asian skin is also known for being oily. Looking shiny isn’t a great look so using these instead of tissues will save you the embarrassment of someone mistaking you for a mirror. It doesn’t smudge your make up either. Bonus?

6.Nivea Day Face Cream 
When you wash your face every morning, the water actually dries out the skin so it is important to moisturize your face soon after. This cream is great for normal and combination skin types, leaves your face smelling divine and it will also protect your face from sunlight with SPF15.

7.Creme De La Mer Lip Balm 
Despite it being at a higher price than high street brands, it can transform your lips to a healthier state. Chapped or dry lips sufferers will find this lip balm a work of magic, especially if you live with air con and your skin and lips are constantly dry from it.

8.Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentration
This face oil is to be applied on before bedtime as it helps replenish and locks in moisture while you sleep. Oil is actually good because it protects your face from dryness but when over-cleansed, the oil is removed and the body produces extra oil to compensate – equaling oily face. Using this face oil will help balance everything out.

9.Liz Earle Daily Eye Repair
For Asians, having dark circles under the eye is problematic especially since the eye area has thinner skin and the change in skin colour/pigment shows up easier. The eye cream includes UV protection from the sun and ingredients that help lighten up under the eyes.

However, drinking plenty of water, staying out of the sun and sleep will also help towards the goal of healthier looking skin.