9 signs that your girlfriend is a bitch

Is it time to end this friendship?

1. She gives weird compliments
“You seem less fat in this skirt” is not a compliment.

2. If you have good news, she can’t respond with a normal answer
She always has to say something negative about it.

3. She borrows your clothes forever
She won’t give back your clothes. She even takes photos with your clothes and posts it on Instagram for likes.

4. She never has time
But in the meantime she posts on Facebook about how bored she is.

5. And if you finally managed to plan a chill session, she cancels the last moment

6. Blair from Gossip Girl is her biggest hero

7. Her face is always the ‘Bitchy Resting Face’

8. She lies very often.
Last week she was invited to a party with Doutzen Kroes. But you know better.

9. When you are with her, it feels a bit like the movie Mean Girls.
She is Regina George.