9 recognisable single girl problems

Meeting a hottie on Tinder, but when you meet him in real life he looks very different than in the pictures.. Here are the nine recognisable single girl problems.

1. Still sleep with the guy, even though you don’t even like him that much.
And then regret it the next day. Well, no one is perfect.

2. Meeting a super handsome man on tinder.
During your date he looks very different than on his pictures.

3. A handsome man who will cook for you
You think: exotic dinner. What he cooks: rice and green beans.

4. Possessive Tinder men
Who are very angry if you have another Tinder date. Um, we did not have a relationship?

5. Men who expect sexting pictures after one date..
Hello, I’m not a candy store!

6. When there is a super sweet guy who is willing to do everything for you.
But you’re just not in love.

7. Spotting a much cuter guy while you’re having a date.
He now thinks you’re taken. Shit…

8. Those women who have way too good boyfriends.
Life is unfair. Very unfair.

9. All your friends have a relationship
So nobody wants to join you on a men hunt. Ugh.