8 Workout Motivation Tips

How often have you plan to go to the gym after school or work? But once you are home, you crawl on the couch and relax the whole night. Every time you think of an excuse not to go the the gym. Here are eight workout motivations tips.

1. A piggy bank
Reward yourself when you exercise. Just put a dollar in a jar overtime you go workout. You can treat yourself something if you keep it for long. The more you exercise, the more you save!

2. Download a workout app
A good workout app shows you what kind of exercise you can do and how many calories you burn. Also you can set a workout schedule to carry around.

3. A good playlist
Download your favorite music and use them to while you workout.

4. Workout with your friends
Working out with friends will make it more fun. You can compete with your friends, but also having a good conversation.

5. Follow motivational people on Instagram or Pinterest
If you are addicted to Instagram or Pinterest and you suddenly see a lot of photos of people working out, it will motivate it.

6. New sportswear
Everybody wants to wear their new clothes as soon as possible. This also works with new workout outfits.

7. Join a competition
There are all kinds of sports where you can join a competition. This also helps you to stay motivated.

8. Beautiful weather
In a few month it will be Spring / Summer. It’s now the right time to start with exercising and don’t forget to eat healthy.