8 ways to spend the rainy Sunday in bed

It’s Sunday and it’s raining. Enough reasons to stay in bed all day. Here are eight ways to spend your rainy Sunday in Bed.

1. Music
iPod? Check. Favorite songs? Check. Put your headphones on and sing along.

2. Tv-Series
Have you never watched the Tv-serie Girls? Today you have all the time to get into it. An episode lasts 30 minutes and a season is 10 episodes, so after five hours you are completely up to date.

3. Beauty day
You’ll just have to get out of bed to get the supplies, but a beauty day has never been so relaxed. Put a towel on your pillow and put a mask on.

4. Read a book
It’s also a good day to read a book and relax.

5. With your love
Cuddling and kissing in bed are the best ways to spend time with your love on this rainy sunday.

6. Food
Breakfast in bed. Lunch in bed. Dinner in bed. Why not?

7. Social
Facebook stalking… just kidding.

8. Sporty
You can always do some abs exercises in bed.