8 Things You Only Tell Your Best Friend About Your Sex Life

There are few people who are aware of your sex life. Except for your best friend, who literally knows everything. Here are the eight things you only tell your best friend about your sex life.

1. That you have a huge crush on that oh-so wrong nerd / bad boy / your teacher / colleague and you dream about hot sex with him.

2. That you once had sex with your best friend.

3. You had sex with a boy who was finished after 3 seconds.

4. That you once kissed with an ex girlfriend.

5. That time you were caught by the police when you had sex in the car.

6. That you have used the morning-after pill once.

7. That it seems quite exciting to have sex with a hot stranger husband that is 10 years older.

8. That your new boyfriend couldn’t get an erection because he was nervous.