8 Struggles When You Share Your Bed With Your Lover

Sharing your bed with someone you like, you love or you’ve just met will cause some struggles during the night…

1. Different temperatures.
If you have wrap yourself in three blankets and four pillows because you’re COLD, he complains because he sweats. But if your lover use his body to warm you up, it will be too hot. Why does science not have a solution for this?

2. Movement.
He is turning and tossing, and it makes you stay awake counting the hours before an important presentation at school. Might it be wiser to go sleep on the couch? No, happy couples don’t do that.

3. Snoring.
It’s three o’clock in the morning and all you hear is how your lover is snoring like a pig that can’t breathe. Your options are either pressing a pillow against your ears or kick him off the bed.

4. The blanket pull contest.
The blankets pulling fights you do while you’re sleeping.

5. Toilet Sessions.
He climbs over you at least fifteen times per night to go pee. Would it be weird to put a bucket on his side of the bed?

6. The battle for ventilation.
One likes to sleep with the window open, the other doesn’t want the cold wind in the bedroom.

7. There is never enough space.
Even if you have a kingsize bed, there is never enough space.

8. farts.
A Lot of farts.