8 Struggles Every Girl with thick hair recognises

Thick, voluminous and shiny hair, every girl would like to have that. But sometimes it can be very annoying to have thick hair. Here are the ten struggles every girl with thick hair recognises.

1. You can’t dry your hair without a hair dryer
Otherwise it will still be wet in the evening.

2. And speaking about a hair dryer
If you want to do it well, you have to spend a lot of time.

3. All your hair elastics break all the time

4. The hairdresser always reminds you of your hair’s thickness
“Wow, you have thick hair!”

5. Your conditioner bottle is empty in two weeks
After a week the bottle is almost empty.

6. Straighten your hair takes forever
It feels like a workout to straighten your hair. Takes forever…

7. A high ponytail hurts
It’s so heavy that you get a headache after a few hours.

8. You’re shedding hair like madness
There is hair on your clothes, the couch, in the shower drain…