8 Struggles Every Girl With Long Hair Recognises

Most girls love having long beautiful hair but it’s not always that convenient. Think of the shampoo bottle that is empty every single time. Here are eight struggles every girl with long hair recognises.

1. It costs more money
You have to spend more money on hair products than a girl with short hair.

2. It’s stuck!
Your hair will get stuck in your jackets zipper if you don’t watch out. Ouch!

3. Hair loss
Sometimes it seems like you have super high amount of hair loss. Especially when you take a shower.

4. A tail
Even if you put your hair in a pony tail it is still long! The only solution is a big large bun.

5. Hair in your food
It always happens that your hair accidentally gets in your plate or worse in your mouth while eating.

6. Hair dryer
Drying your hair with a hair dryer takes ages and drying it with a towel takes even longer.

7. The wind in your hair
Most people like a light breeze, but we don’t. It totally messes up our hairstyle.

8. Little volume
The longer your hair is, the less volume you get.