8 signs your crush friend zoned you

You are good friends with your crush and you speak to him every week. It’s always very entertaining, but secretly you dream of you and him. You are wondering:”How can I get out the friend zone?”. Here are the eight signs your crush still only sees you as a friend.

1. He lets you know what a good friend you are
He constantly calls you ‘friend’ or ‘ buddy’. He probably just sees you as a friend. If he mentions how good of a  friend you are to him, it’s really hard to get out of the friend zone.

2. He’s never jealous
If a guy likes you, he will be jealous when you talk or flirt with other guys.

3. He wants to connect you to other boys
He constantly talks about his friends and how nice it would be if you start dating with one of them. This is a very clear sign that he sees you as a friend.

4. He dates with another girl
If he liked you, he’d be dating you. *cry*

5. He talks about other girls
He asks you for dating advice or how to make the best impression on that one girl.

6. You’re the one who puts in the most effort for him
If a guy has a crush on you, he will make every effort to get to know you.

7. When friends ask if you are a couple, he laughs …
This is the way to find out how he sees you. If he laughs in a way like it’s the strangest thing he’s ever heard. That’s not a good sign.

8. You’re never really alone together
There are always other friends with him. He always invites others when you are around him. He probably wants to avoid the date atmosphere and make it clear that you’re just a friend to him.