8 reasons why men love living together with you

1. Together you are a good team.
He cooks, you wash and sort all the clothes, he throws them in the washing machine and you put it in the dryer.Together you are the dream team.

2. You can have sex whenever and wherever you want.
Cooking and sex? Anything is possible (as long as you stay away from sharp knives and hot pans). No more sneaky messages: “Hey, I know it’s one o’clock in the morning, but could you come over?”

3. Home Cooked Meals for everyone! 
The days of 24/7 fast food are over. And that’s probably a good thing.

4. Each night is kind of a sleepover … forever!

5. He can use your crazy hair products.

6. He thinks it’s pretty nice to no longer live in a place with only white walls.
Many men do not like decoration, but it is nice when they have a woman decorating the house for them.

7. Women always have superfine beds and the bed IS NOW HIS TOO!
10 soft cushions which take on the shape of your head: check.

8. There is always someone to watch TV together.
Because watching TV together is way more fun than watching alone.