8 Reasons Why Girls Are Always Late

1. Your bag has lots of pockets
Really, if you try to find your keys in the ocean you’ll be faster than searching in those 40 pockets of your bag, which is packed with chewing gum, make ups and other unnecessary stuffs.

2. Everything disappears when you have to go
Huh, Where is my phone? Okay sssht, THINK!

3. Because you always waste time
You want to get the hair dryer from the bathroom, once there you already forget what you came for. You will be distracted by the mirror, and five minutes later you still didn’t get your hair dryer.

4. Because on some days your lashes literally look like shit
10 minutes and 40 attempts later your lashes still look like shit and you start over again.

5. Because there is always something you forget
You already have 45 reminders on your phone but you still forget something and you have to go back to get it.

6. Because you always paint your nails at the wrong time
5 minutes before you have to leave. Meaning you can’t touch anything while you’re still in your pyjamas.

7. Last minute change of clothes.
What I’m wearing right now isn’t cute. Need to try something else. I don’t have enough clothes.

8. Because it always starts to rain when you have to go outside
So, where is my umbrella?