8 Reasons Not To Go On Holiday With Your Boyfriend

Not sure whether you want to go on holiday with your lover or your friends? These are good reasons to go with your girlfriends.

1. You’re young, wild and free
And of course you have to make the best use of it. And with whom do you do that better than your friends?

2. With them you can go to the finest beach parties.
Not that you can’t do that with your lover, but with them is it just a little bit more fun. (Sorry, honey.)

3. You have a whole week to chat.
Let the gossiping begin!

4. Your friends are just as important as your lover.

5. Your friendship is better.
At home you are extremely busy with work and your relationship and you don’t see each other as often as you would like. A holiday makes everything good again.

6. To prepare for your trip you have to meet up often.
More reasons to see your girlfriends!

7. Eternal memories.
Memories you will still remember when you are old.

8. There are also shopping sessions on the agenda. 
Nothing better than shopping for new OOTD’s with your girlfriends.