8 Moments When You Pretend You’re Calling

We usually text or use snapchat throughout the day. But pretending you are calling can be really handy. Especially to save yourself from those awkward situations. Here are eight moments where you could pretend you’re calling.

1. If you trying to get away from a boy you don’t like, it is very useful to use your phone as a rescue tool.

2. It seems that someone is greeting you but if you wave back and you notice that it wasn’t meant to you, you quickly pretend you are calling.

3. You see that someone is approaching you, but actually you are not in the mood so you pretend that you’re busy with your phone.

4. If you are walking home in the night, you are holding your phone to feel safer.

5. Your guy crush is around you but he’s not giving you enough attention. So you are pretending like you are calling with an other boy. Hopefully it works and he gets a little jealous.

6. If you are calling someone who just won’t hang up, you can pretend that you’re getting another call.

7. A girl asks you a question but you don’t want to answer it, and she keeps pushing you. Be smart and walk away from her because you are being “called”