8 Clothing struggles every woman recognizes

1. Why do I have nothing to wear?
For some reason you can only wear new clothes. Why is there nothing new in your closet?

2. Do I have too many clothes?
You have that one tank top in ten different colours and in every corner of the room is a pair of shoes laying around.

3. When can I wear that outfit again?
You have that cute dress, but just can’t find the right occasion to wear it.

4. Why is it so difficult to give away your clothes to charity?
They all have a nostalgic value. Yup. Even that old dress with the food stains.

5. Is this too short for work?
For the hot colleague? Nope. For that one boss with a midlife crisis? Probably.

6. Why do I have a size 34 in one store and 38 in the other?
Can’t they just all use the same size chart?

7. Am I too tall to wear heels?
I would look down on all those guys.

8. Why Do I have a period on the same day I am wearing white?
This is really the worst possible timing.

9. Is this an oversized t-shirt or just a very short dress?
I have no idea.