7 typical girl things guys will never understand

Going to the toilet together, having overstuffed bags, crying: here are the seven typical girl things guys will never understand.

1. Why do we always go to the toilet together
Secretly he fantasies about drunken snogging sessions, but in reality we go to the toilet to check our makeup.

2. Why we are thrilled to have sleepovers
Men don’t get it when we have a girfriend (who is too drunk to even come home / or has an argument with her boyfriend) sleepover. We see it as a chance to put on the onesie and eat some chocolate bars while watching our favorite tv-shows.

3. Our obsession with cat pictures / unicorns / Miley Cyrus
Just be glad that we are not (yet) obsessed with newborn babies.

4. We sincerely find the hits from the 90s very nice
“Show me the meaning of being lonely, is this the feeling I need to walk with. Tell me why I can not be there where clause you are, there’s something missing in my heart. ” That is just brilliant?

5. Why do have so much stuff in our bag
Yes, but what if someone has a splinter (tweezers), is hurt (box patches), there is a hole in one’s tights (extra pantyhose) or a button jumps off your blouse (sewing kit)? Exactly.

6. How we can be indecisive for at least six months about getting a new hairstyle
We feel the pain if it appears that a pony / pink / her ombre was not such a good idea. A man can shave off the whole thing and just start over again.

7. Why we sometimes cry for no reason at all
And honestly, we don’t understand it either. Hormones are a bitch, that’s what we do know.