7 types of Girls that everyone has on Snapchat

We love Snapchat! It is awesome to send friends the most embarrassing, ugly or crazy photos. Here are the 7 types of girls that everyone has on Snapchat.

1. Model
This girl always  looks beautiful on her pictures. She’s just super photogenic! *jealous*

2. 24/7 Snapchatter
“Good morning,” “shower”, “breakfast” This type of girl literally takes photos of everything she does.

3. Snap artist
This girl makes all her Snapchat a true artwork or the weirdest drawings. *lol*

4. Weird face
Zoom in on a face, pulling funny faces. She always manage to put a smile on your face.

5. Foodie
This girl take photos of the same thing: food. She makes the most healthy and beautiful dishes and wants to show it to everyone.

6. Snap filmmaker
This girl always records video. And sometimes records long stories of about 40 seconds.

7. Couple
This girl is super happy to be in relationship and everyone should know.