7 Tips To Save Money On Food

Did your mom ever tell you not to waste food? Mine certainly did. Even though we’ve been told a thousand times food waste still remains an issue, both for the environment and our wallets! According to recent stats, each American household tosses away 14% of their food purchases on average, which accounts to more than 35 million tons of uneaten food every year. Quite the shocking numbers right? Luckily with a few changes in your habit, it is easy to drastically reduce the food waste. Read on to learn more.

Plan your meals. Go to the grocery store with intention to prevent shopping in excess. For example, if you plan to make three different chicken recipes during the week, buy a three pack of chicken breasts and make sure to cook all of them.

Use a specific grocery list. Shopping from a grocery list prevents you from buying things you don’t need (Of course, helps you not to forget buying the things you need as well). Don’t just buy a pack of 5 just because they are on sale or are sold that way when you know you won’t eat everything.

Cook only what you will eat. Same concept as the above, but we often tend to cook more than our belly can fit. If you cook for six, just multiply the recipe by 6 and keep it at that. Always ask yourself will I really eat all of this if I cook it?

Move expiring items to the front. When you are unpacking your new groceries, move older products to the front of your refrigerator or freezer so they’re the first thing you see. Grocery stores do the same thing and it works for them too!

Use the freezer. Learning how to freeze foods can make the biggest impact on your food waste. It’s time to turn your freezer into your best friend, but be mindful about it! It’s essential to wrap and seal your frozen foods well so they don’t get freezer leak or burn, etc.

Watch your trash. For one week just analyze the food you throw away in your trash and then adjust your habits. If you see a half box of cereal, just buy a smaller box next time or use a airtight container so it doesn’t expire as fast!

Check Your refrigerator settings. Having a too ‘’warm’’ fridge fastens the expiration of foods, so set your refrigerator to 39 degrees which is the optimal setting for preserving food.

Do you have any other tips to prevent food waste? Let us know in the comment section below.