7 times when you may be jealous

1. He spends more time on his “working life” than he spends time with you.
Yes, he spends most of his day at work. Of course, it is normal if he builds a relationship with his colleagues. But if you constantly hear how nice lunch with Lisa was, or that he took her home, you can not be blamed for feeling a bit threatened.

2. He always asks his friends for advice instead of you.
You want to be more helpful to him, but he gives you no chance and takes advice from others more seriously. It may drive you crazy after a while, but you should just tell him how you feel.

3. He spends more time with his friends.
Of course you can not spend every minute together – you do not want to either. But if your date nights are continuously canceled because he prefers to drink beer, there is a problem. You want him to spend just as much time with you as with his friends.

4. He just does NOT stop talking about how pretty someone else is.
We all sometimes find someone handsome because hey, we’re all people. But that does not mean we want to hear it.. It is unnecessary and just a big NO.

5. He makes inside jokes with his ex.
You got it – they have a history together. But that does not mean that they should talk in another language when they happen to be together somewhere. This is quite disrespectful towards you – you have every right to be jealous.

6. He openly flirts with other women.
Some people are naturally a big flirt. However, if you are in a relationship you should respect your parter and not flirt with other women. It really is quite logical.

7. You hear all the important things about your lover from other people.
It is entirely logical that want him to share everything with you first. If you hear big news of him from his friends or colleagues, he can not blame you for being irritated. You are his GIRLFRIEND!