7 Thoughts You Have When Your Crush Posts A Selfie

Do you often stalk the Facebook and Instagram page of your crush? You know everything about him, his birth date, where he lives and who his friends are? Here are the seven thoughts you have when your crush posts a selfie.

1. Wow! His eyes, his clothes, his smile … How can there be so much perfection in one photo?

2. I must share this! You make a screenshot and send it to all your friends. Look how cute he is!

3. I accidentally liked too many photos of him. *Stalking alert*

4. After staring at your screen for half an hour.  Hey, he has a birthmark? I didn’t even know!

5. Can I comment or like without being a creep? Or does it not matter?

6. okay, I have to restrain myself and should not like too many of his photos. Otherwise it will be suspicious, and I don’t want him to know I have a crush on him… Or do I?

7. I wish he wasn’t that perfect…