7 Signs That Show How Comfortable You Are With Your Flatmates

Flatmates are in an odd position. They are friends that you live with but they feel like family. You do things in front of them that no other friend would ever see. Like actual family right? If someone gets comfortable with you, it means you’re special.

1.What’s Yours Is Mine
Sharing is caring and if your housemate needs a bit of milk, sure why not? As long as they don’t know its a little bit past its expiration date. What they don’t know won’t hurt them, right?

2.Walking Around In Underwear
If you’ve seen Kim Kardashian’s photo shoot in various magazines then seeing your housemate walk around in their pants won’t matter. Unless it’s freezing in the house then question their actions.

A very smelly topic but like Shrek says, “Better out than in”. Seriously though, don’t keep them in. Your stomach will hurt. Trust me.

4.Periods, Pains and Poop
Ah, the joys of being a woman. Or a human, in fact. The best conversations come out of the strangest topics.

5.Deep Conversations
Even closed books will open up at some point, whether it’s about personal issues or how traumatic their story is about not getting candy. If they’re telling, they’ve let you into their comfy zone so just listen.

6.An Extra Person In Your Bed
Remember I said sharing is caring? Well, it means someone will go into your bed and claim their rights. It no longer belongs to you. On the plus side, ever wanted a cat but could never keep pets? Ta-da.

7.They Cook For You
When a flatmate decides to share their food with you, and presents it to you on a plate like your mother does, that’s called love. Do you know what it also means? You have to cook a meal back. Flatmate responsibilities are just tough.